Tuesday tips!

Hey everyone today on Tuesdays tips were talking more about easy braids. I pretty much love anything boho/beachy and extra messy.

Press play on today’s video to watch Val create an easy half up fishtail look.

I swear I have two personalities…
I have my creative side ( my hippie chick )that literally needs no map, loves freedom and thinking outside the box and just kinda figures out things as I go.

My other side, ( my husband calls this side my surgeon side ha ) is extremely detailed very clean a little bit OCD and I literally lose sleep over small tasks. Or maybe that just a girl thing;).

I think that’s why I love both color and hair extensions. color is very creative and free flow but also a science. Extensions are very clean and detailed, while creating with blending colors and finishing with the hair cut. My creative side helps me start the hair transformation, And my detailed side helps me finish and fine-tune.

It’s funny but lately with all the other hair extensions on the marketplace people often email me and ask me makes mine different.

I explain the installation and process of NBR but then tell them it all comes down to my experience and wearing my product in my own hair. Because I wear my own product I don’t just want them to look good in the before and after but I want them to look as natural as possible and have as little damage as possible.

In my classes I educate on color and blending as well as the installation and cut. I have three levels of education: my online course is level one, level 2 is my two day NBR/BMS advanced group class ( which is a certification class) and my third level is two full days in laguna beach with just me and my team.

My next class is May 11 and 12th and only has a few seats left!


if you’re A potential client and have been following my work for a while, don’t be shy and reach out to me, find out if NBR is a good fit for you!

The other before-and-after’s in this post is from work this week at my salon. The blonde in this post you may have seen some of her after photos before. Every time she sits in my chair she wants new hair and lets me do whatever I want with her color ha ha. This makes my job very easy and I feel like I can create is if I were doing my own hair.

I have enough work posted i’m fortunate enough to have most people who’s sit in my chair give me creative license. This makes my job so much easier and already builds trust between the client and stylist. If you’re a hairstylist And don’t post photos I recommend you start posting!! Taking photos of my work has helped me become a better stylist and also helped me attract clients with the same style and vibe as me!

Stay tuned to the blog every Tuesday for hair tips and Friday for fashion and lifestyle!




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