Today we are closing on our new house in Orange County California. What you might not know about me is that I have moved every year and a half to two years for the last 14 years… so basically my whole married life. We lived in four different states and seven different cities. I’ve had to rebuild my business six different times.

many of you might be wondering why the hell did you guys move so much??? Well let’s just say we couldn’t decide what we wanted to be when we grew up. Lol… i’ve always done hair but didn’t take it serious until about the last six years. Right around the time when we lost everything. Now if you don’t know my story CLICK HERE To basically watch a trailer of my married life.

Wait don’t CLICK yet finish reading the rest of the story.

We fought hard to rebuild what we once had and blew past what we  even knew would be possible. We moved to California  3 1/2 years ago and I found this neighborhood called strands. At the time we lived in a cute little city called Ladera Ranch which wasn’t really my vibe, and knew I wanted to live close to the beach. I looked at my husband and said we’re gonna move there… the look in his eyes I knew he was only thinking one thing, oh shit. I told my husband I can’t help it I have high standards that’s why I married him I saw the potential of who he was and who he could become and he did the same with me.

My husband and I are a lot different but I find  we push  one another  to learn and grow. Even our brands are very different this is very masculine and mine is very feminine obviously because I love anything that has to do with fashion hair and beauty.

My husband woke up this morning and looked at me and said today’s the day and in so many ways I feat like this was closing the door on so many past behaviors an old stories and starting a new and exciting journey  together as a family.

My husband and I went to one of Tony Robbins events this last December called date with destiny. If you don’t know what that is, it’s an intense 6 day life Boot Camp. In this event you basically figure out why you operate the way you do and breakthrough what he calls your blueprint.

At the end of the event the goal is to re-create or write a new blueprint.

We get stuck in the story of what we think it’s possible and where we can go in life. At the end of this event as my husband and I sat in different groups, we had to write down commitments for 2017. Later that evening my husband and I shared our notes  and we realized that a lot of our 2017 goals were the same!

This is when I knew it was going to happen and I could literally see things unfolding to a new path. One of the things we both had in our notes was buying a home in strands which was our dream neighborhood. Now I’m not gonna lie I kind of think the idea of a vision board is cheesy but I do think visualizing a goal and finding a path to get there is 100% possible.

We move next Friday and I’m excited to share the start of our new journey together with you guys! I’ve shared this on a few of my other post but my husband and I really want to bring our contrasting brands together and do something fun like a podcast or even a weekly YouTube show. Stay tuned for more details!!

This week on the blog I’m showing one of my favorite spring trends witch is  this cute open shoulder ruffle top. I know it seems a little bit overly girly but paired with these cute highwaisted distressed denim is the perfect balance.

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Happy Friday everyone! cheers to a new beginning

Danielle k white


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Photos by: Gabi Wells