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I have been wearing hair extensions in my hair in over 15 years and tried over a dozen methods personally in my own hair as well as offer them to clients as a service in the salon. That’s actually how I came up with my technique I combined a little bit of everything I learned and tried it first on my own hair to find out what would work best then offered it to clients. As I learned  more,  my method was constantly evolving until I felt like everything was just right based on my experience.

Why is it as a hairdresser we are constantly educating ourselves with the new cutting in color techniques but when it comes to hair extensions stylists just to expect to learn one system and used it for the next 30 years ha ha. Not all beaded row hair extensions are created equal!

so what makes NBR different?? in today’s blog post I’m going to give you the top questions I get about these extensions.

Are they heavy in the hair?

This is such a funny question to me… When you add Hair to your existing here wouldn’t it be more heavy than what you currently have? Isn’t that the goal in adding more hair? Over the last decade I have tested the weight distribution on every hair texture you can imagine to find out what works best. Each row is custom colored and the amount of hair is added based on how much hair each client has.Two  full rows of NBR only has about 30 points of contact in the hair.

Can I pull my hair up in a ponytail?

Ha ha apparently a ponytail is very important to girls. This is one of my top questions. And of course I get it… I want to be able to live life like a real girl and put my hair in a ponytail without my tape or glue bond hanging out. As someone who can’t achieve the hair of my dreams, because of my genetic ongoing Mullet, I created this method to look and feel as natural as possible. I want to be able to throw my hair in a ponytail without actually looking in the mirror not worry that anything is hanging out.

Will these extensions help my hair grow out?

Any extension method that says will help your hair grow out is full of shit. Again having genetically sucky hair I’m realistic about what is possible with my natural hair. If you have decent hair to begin with is likely that your hair will continue to grow while wearing these extensions. If you’re like me… Just surrender your hair will never look as good on its own as it does with hair extensions. My goal in creating this method was to minimize damage in the hair in order to keep the existing hair in as good a shape as possible that’s making your extensions look more natural. This leads me to my next question.

Do extensions damage your hair?

I would like to answer this question with another question… does bleaching or coloring your hair damage your hair or does putting heat on it every day damage your hair? The answer to all of the questions above is yes. In my experience the way to create the least amount of damage with hair extensions is minimal point of contact. It’s also important to make sure that the extensions are not too tight on the scalp creating more pull on the natural hair that needs to be. understanding that just like a good colorist must have repetition in order to get good at their craft so must an Extension guru. I realized a long time ago that my real hair can only get so good. So in order to have the hair of my dreams I must have extensions. Having amazing hair year-round outweighs the possibilities of minimal damage. Again my goal in creating this method was to keep the natural hair in the best possible condition in order to the extensions to look more natural.

Doesn’t it take forever to style your hair when you have extensions??

Here’s how I look at it. Before I had extensions in order to have amazing hair every day I felt like I had to wash and restyle my hair every day to create the volume and look I wanted. And even then about an hour after I styled it regardless of the products are used my hair seem to go flat. Extensions are high maintenance to be low maintenance. With extensions in I wash my hair about every three days… sometimes four (shhh don’t tell;) it’s more hair initially to dry and style, as it would be if I naturally had more hair. But the hair seems to hold the curl longer and overall look better. One of my secret is if I go work out with my hair just looks flat and greasy I washed just the bang area and re-blow dry the front while adding some dry shampoo to the back… this will usually give me an extra day or two between washing.

Listen ladies there’s no shame in enhancing your natural beauty as long as it looks natural. Less is more except for when it comes to hair more is always more!! 😉

Happy Tuesday
Danielle white

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