Last weekend my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day early in Cabo.   We stayed at the resort Pedragal which I love because it’s in walking distance from everything in Cabo.   The best thing to do in Cabo is absolutely nothing we literally just laid by the pool all day and hung out. Another fun  to do is a sunset sail boat cruise out of the harbor.

Next week is ski week here in orange county. Which I find interesting nowhere else has a whole week off but I guess everyone in orange county was taking time off so they just decided to make it an official ski week here ha ha.  We are actually taking the family to Dallas to speak at the click funnel event.  My husband and I will be keynote speakers in front of  about 2,000 people!  I’m not gonna lie I’m a little nervous but fortunately last night for date night I went and picked out the perfect outfit to speak in. So wish me luck!!

If your a stylist and you follow my blog my class for March 2-3 is full. I   Just released the next class date  for  May 11 and 12th.  I also have a hairline that I’m in the process of creating with  bohyme.  If you’ve been following my work forever you know that I have been using Thier hair for over 14 years and it’s just hard to compete when it come to their quality and price. We’re creating a  collaboration wit’s unique custom colors.  So all you stylist looking for coolor or more  neutral shades Stay tuned! You know  I love me a good sunnkissed bronde! ( brown blonde) I  will keep you guys updated with news on the new hairline.

Last but not least we move into our new beach home next month!!! #dreamhouse

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend it’s raining here and I’m  kind of wishing I was back in sunny Cabo;)

Shop all my looks below!! ( yellow dress is from lulus)



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