Success Doesn’t happen over night!

You may not know my story but five years ago I was in a painful place in my life where we were financially struggling and I was trying to decide if I want to stay married or not, not to mention I had a one-month-old baby ….

One night as I sat there and looked into my brand-new baby’s eyes and my other four-year-old daughter sitting next to me and began to cry I have never felt  so alone and helpless in my life.   I sat there and thought the plan for my life was not going to going according to plan. I decided it was time to surrender that plan and to step outside my comfort zone. If I wasn’t going to be married I had to figure out a way to provide for my younger two girls.  If you can remember about five years ago is when Instagram and social media started pick up.  I had no money to invest in any kind of coach or business at the time.   But I knew that I needed to build a brand and launch a business and change my entire plan.

Changing my Plan

I found a girl who is willing to do trade with my husband in order to build a blog for me.  I started with that then moved to YouTube so that I could get content out.  I wanted to learn photography and also loved fashion so I found someone who  did trade with me  in order to have more content to post to build a following and brand.  I didn’t know what direction I was going but I started to see results.  It was scary as shit to get on camera ha ha.  I would judge myself for the way I talk the way I look  and was worried about what people thought about me.  But when I started to get results I started to care less and less what people thought about me and knew I had a mission. Even if that mission was only to provide for myself and my two young children I knew I had to find way.


Hobby or Business

I always loved and enjoyed doing here and felt it gave me the freedom and flexibility as a mom to make a little extra money. However I never really thought of it as a career more kind of a hobby or part-time job.  This began to change as I saw my brand evolve.   For the first time I realized I’m not just a hairstylist and possibilities  I thought were beyond my reach began to unfold.

My husband and I didn’t give up. We started doing weekly date nights. We begin to work on ourselves as well as our relationship. I sit here now writing this post looking out my home office window staring at Pacific ocean  and realize just how far we have come in a matter of five years. As I create this post and look at some my old photos and videos it’s fun to see the journey. It just shows that so much is possible if you’re willing to continue to grow and learn and step out side of your comfort zone.

If you want to see who my other half is, his name is Garrett he  created a business called wake up warrior  and I am so proud of what he and I have accomplished together.  He’s the cute guy in some of my more recent videos that helped me train many women around the country on my program called  BMS.

If you’re ready to create your own path and are interested in joining  me in Laguna beach CA,  my next certification class for NBR hair Extensions  is March 2,3rd  there is limited spots left CLICK HERE for more information.


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Happy Tuesday everyone and enjoy a little  blast from the past with some of these videos