Perfecting my craft

I have been doing hair for 15 years now… Wow that makes me sound really old all of a sudden but let’s just say I started right after high school. I love Hair more than ever. I actually am more excited about learning and growing now than I was in hair school. I decided to do hair because I wasn’t sure  what I wanted to do in college. And after one semester I decided I’m more the creative type and to try trade school.   I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah where hairdressers are dime a dozen. I figured this would be a great hobby until I figured out what I really want to be when I grow up.  The more I did it the more I started to enjoy my craft.   I went from being a hobby stylist to really pursuing it as a career.   I love the beauty and fashion industry altogether.

Growing up I always wished I had that Victoria’s Secret magazine hair. I realized in high school that it just wasn’t going to happen for me genetically I had sucky hair.  At the time all the extensions on the market place looked like extensions.  I was obsessed with finding a more natural approach the hair extensions as well is not completely destroying the hair. One of my other goals was to install the extensions in less than seven hours. (  this was how long my first set of  hair extensions took).  I became obsessed with my craft and figured out a  niche with hair extensions that not only work for me  but work for many other women.  My favorite thing about  doing hair specifically hair extensions is the extreme transformation you get and the change in women that I see. Hair is such a big deal for women.


Creating my dream team

I opened up my salon in Laguna Beach about a year and half ago and I’ve worked hard to create an amazing team to help me build the brand. I choose to only work with and on clients that I truly want to hang out with.   I love the energy in my salon and try and keep it light energetic and positive.

One of my goals this year was trying to be more more social ha ha.  My team and I had the opportunity to travel down to LA and work with Mane Addicts.  It was an amazing experience and they will be sharing the story on their blog soon. Press play in the video to find out more.


This year I will only be offering five classes. My next class is March 2-3 and I have three spots left if you’re interested or have questions CLICK here


To book an appointment with myself or a member of my team CLICK here!


happy Tuesday everyone!

xoxo Danielle