Last night my husband and I had dinner at Montage in Laguna beach and celebrated the purchase of our dream home we will be moving into the beginning of April.

3 1/2 years ago we moved to California with the dream…

We were not willing to settle for anything less. Every move we made was just a move to get closer to our vision.  I don’t usually take no for an answer. Something about me always thinks so much more is possible, than we give ourselves credit for.  My husband might say I have high standards but high standards and hard work pays off .

Only 3 1/2 years ago I walked by a neighborhood right on the coast in Orange County CA… I had never seen anything like it it was a brand-new  Community  literally right on the sand. I remember walking along the beach and staring up into these beautiful homes which all had amazing  endless pools and I looked at my husband said “We’re going to live here…  and it’s sooner than what you think.”  I literally saw us in one of these homes.

I’m a visionary person, and I’ve learned to let go and trust my heart.  I’m not going to  lie it’s scary  sometimes and I get to in my head about things.  But every time we have taken a leap of faith, and trust in ourselves, things have always worked out.  My husband and I have gone to hell and back and worked hard to get to this point. Not only in business, but we worked in all areas of our life including marriage, relationships with our kids, and family. I am grateful, not blessed.
Hard work pays off.

The End.

Happy Friday everyone!! Pics of the new home coming  soon or follow my IG stories for a glimpse in my life.

My husband and I have a blog we are launching next week together called Date your Wife. Tune in next week for details❤️😘


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Bag/ Chloe Dress/ Free People Booties/ Stuart Weitzman Bracelet/ Hermes

Photos By: Taylor Cole

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