New year new you!!

I opened DKW styling salon about a year and a half ago and have already been into different locations because we outgrew the first one.   In this video, we are talking about New Year’s goals and current low maintenance hair color trends that I’m absolutely loving.  Most of the clients I cater to have fine hair. I love hair color and believe that my ability to blend colors is part why my extensions look so natural.   In my classes I don’t only educate about the technique but I also share the importance of color and blending. In my newest class available in 2017 we cover both NBR and business training. It’s a two day class in Laguna Beach California.

Believe it’s important to touch up the color every 6-8 weeks when tightening your extensions. The old way of doing a full head highlight every six weeks is out. From my own personal experience, my hair can’t handle putting bleach on it every six weeks even if you say you’re just touching up the roots. 😉  most of my color work actually goes into the hair extensions. When you have a client with fine hair 75% of the Hair you see is hair extension hair. Why put in all the effort into coloring the real hair when what you see most is extension hair.   The hair I use you can highlight lowlight and also tone. I’m excited to announce that I will be collaborating with a certain hair company that I’ve used for over a decade and creating my own line this year.  These extensions are super low maintenance. You have to tighten every 6-8 weeks and replace the hair every 4 to 6 months. Each appointment takes about three hours for color and installation.  Press play  on the video below to find out what some of our goals are for 2017 and some low maintenance hair color tricks and trends. #treamteam

My next 2 day class in Laguna beach is March 2-4 CLICK here for more information



Happy Tuesday everyone!