” Life is happening for you not to you.” Tony Robbins


As I’m sitting here in Florida with my husband Garrett I can’t help but feel gratitude for the opportunity to be here at Date with Destiny sitting in the front section amongst 3000 people. My husband got a personal invite by Tony Robbins to be here at a sold-out event. I love the quote above.

The last five years I have had many changes in my life. I used to resist change. I like to stay in my comfortable box. I don’t even think I was happy in my comfortable box but it seemed safer. I still resist change at some level.

“The quality of your life is controlled by the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with.” Tony Robbins.

This was huge for me because I found over the last few years if I’m not changing and growing at some level even though I have a life I always dreamed I would have I find myself getting depressed. I could see the end goal where my husband and I financially and physically and emotionally wanted to be however it was not too long ago that I realized it doesn’t matter how much money or success you have in life if you’re not growing and living with a passion and purpose. It’s not as fulfilling.

I began to become addicted to the heigh of growing.

It’s weird because there’s always this uncomfortable phase but the minute you break through it’s like you’ve reached a new level in your life.

I’m keeping this blog post somewhat short because we are headed to day to to experience more break through.

How much uncertainty in your life can you handle??

If you’re new to my blog, I post every Tuesday and Friday Tuesday is all about hair and Friday is usually about a moment in my life or business mixed with little fashion!:)

Happy Friday everyone, I’m off to day 2 Date with Destiny!!


Swaeter/ minkpink ( under $100) Denim/ Madewell Bag/ Gucci Boots/ Stuart Weitzman Bracelet/ Heremes



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