My husband and I just returned from Florida.  We were personally invited by Tony Robbins to attend date with destiny.  The event was pretty amazing every day is something new and it’s a lot to take in and 6 days However I feel like I’m going into the new year excited and ready for some big changes in my life and business. We ended up  signing up for his platinum program which  I honestly have no idea what it is other then we get to attend all his events plus go with some really cool people to travel around the world to do a little business and have a little fun.   It’s funny I can’t ever get my husband to travel but if you mix a little business with it he’s all in.

 One of my favorite days of the event was relationship day. My husband and I have gone through some tough times and somehow we managed to figure it out with very little coaching and still have a spark in our marriage. Going to this event I was able to figure out the exact cycles of what went wrong in our relationship. Now to stay on top of our game under standing these simple principles will help us stay connected and continue to have that spark in our marriage.  My favorite part was when he would talk about polarity. Without polarity there’s no spark.  Have you ever got to a place in your relationship where you have love and respect but you’re just not attracted to your husband. I’m sure we all have been through that phase and it’s hard to keep that spark going.

It’s important to understand about the feminine and masculine rolls in a relationship. There’s been times where I have turned more masculine and this is when there is no longer a spark  or often times in the marriage I see the husbands turn more feminine  at home with their wives and then they are very masculine in their business. In order to have chemistry in a relationship its about give-and-take, you can’t have two masculine are two feminine or there’s just no polarity in my experience.   Think about when you were dating what did you say what did you do, what did you not say more importantly.  Ladies if there’s one thing I’ve learned is don’t nag your husband and don’t point out the negative try to praise him and see what happens.  Often times women have a hard time doing this because they feel their needs are not being met.  You can’t expect your husband to act like a man if you’re treating them like your sister.  In my experience if I’m feeling overwhelmed or have too much on my plate,  this is when it becomes hard to connect to my husband. It’s important to learn to delegate and not try to be superwoman, that way at the end of the  day you have time to connect and are not stressed about all the things you didn’t get done.

  At  The end of your event you plan your destiny. This is basically were you change your blueprint of your life based on past patterns and behaviors and decide for yourself to start something new and better.  It’s a lot to take in but  making some small shifts in business and life and understanding how I   Operate leaves me feeling optimistic and excited to start 2017.

This time of year is crazy. Often times I put my business on hold and just try to get through the holidays before I start start planning for next year. This year I’m doing a different although I’m super busy during the holidays I’m continuing to push my ideas forward so that I don’t lose momentum. Don’t wait to the new year to start something new. Figure out where you want to be and what you want to do right now and start taking steps towards reaching your goals.

 Next year I am excited to announce that I will have a hairline and a halo line.  My certification program will now be two days. I will no longer have my one-day class and currently have a wait list for my BMS class.

Next class Febuary 2017


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