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Where did the year go?

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work on and with so many beautiful women.  What girl doesn’t love hair day!!  Imagine if you created the space that attracted people that are always excited to be there.  Wouldn’t change how you operate from day to day??  Between women that fly in to have their hair done and stylists that fly in to take one of my classes the energy is so positive and exciting.   I absolutely love the energy in my salon.

Its not just about the hair…

With hair extensions it’s such an extreme makeover at times that women tend to light up. Everything about them seems more confident and I love making them feel this way.  Although Hair doesn’t make a person it  definitely  brings out inner and outter  beauty.  Over the past five years I have worked hard to only surround myself with those I vibe with. From clients down to the people that work at my salon.  I want to give my clients and students the absolute best therefore I must stay in a amazing state of mind.  Although  we  are busy the salon and I currently work with 2 to 3 assistants,  I make sure I take the time to connect with each client to ensure they have an amazing expirience.

Change is in the hair…

I have some new and exciting changes to my brand this next year including more education,  A hairline to go with NBR,  and for those of  you who want the look of my hair extensions but maybe just can’t maintain them I will also have an amazing halo line custom colored and created by me.

Those interested in my education,  my next 2 day BMS class  in Laguna beach CA, will be in February and there is currently a waitlist. After this class fills up ( only 15 spots )I will open up another class in March. If you’re interested in joining this list or just want more information please email me. CLICK HERE

I will also be hiring a new assistant next year. So if you’re reading this  and you want to apply right away email me your resume and send me a short video of why you want to work with with team DKW!!😘


Stay Focused for 2017


I know between Christmas and  New Year’s we all want to  mentally  check out and resume in January. I would encourage you on your downtime to really look back at the year and find out what needs to be done to move forward in 2017 make a game plan so that when the new year arrives you’re ready.  Often times I can’t see a clear path but I know small changes that need to be made.  Small changes can alter the path just a little and turn into big changes.   Sometimes hard choices need to be made.  In my experience sometimes I tend to stay  comfortable avoiding  the hard choice and feel trapped in my own reality of what I know needs to be done.  I would encourage those who have hard choices to trust yourself and take a leap of faith. I’m excited for many amzing opportunities in 2017!


Hope everyome one has a  Merry Christmas and a fabulous new year!!

This was a look I actually wore for a Christmas party that I hosted this year shop the details below!!

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Tutu/Maje (on sale!), Boots/ Gucci, Top/ JCREW (40% off), Bag/ Chloe

Photos by: Taylor Cole