Dear stylist,

How do you know if you’re good at your craft? A huge insight for  me was starting to take photos and then comparing my photos to some of the  top artist in my   industry. Is my work as good as theirs? Often times were not as good as we think we are ha ha..

How  do you get better???

Let go of your ego commit to growing learning and changing.  Something that was so hard for me to do was to take a photo of my work and have it look as good as I believed it looked in person.  When I decided to put down my iPhone and actually pick up a professional camera there was no more hiding behind  filters and editing.  A good camera will show every flaw.  It will also help enhance the beauty of your work.

Often times my students will say I got the camera you bought but I don’t ever use it. I simply respond oh good did you buy the scissors I have and the beads I have you should be at my level now right??;)  To get better anything you need experience.  In order to be an educator you have to have experience educating and also years behind the chair and I’m not just talking about going into work once a week and waiting for clients to come to you. That doesn’t count as experience, it  means actually doing the work and having actual clients to take photos of.

So I guess you’re a real concern should be how can I get more butts in my chair so that I can gain more experience  and have more photos to take??  I have lived in four different states and rebuilt my entire clientele at least six times throughout my career.  Stop waiting for clients to come to you go out and get them.  If you’ve been in the industry 15-20 years and you still can’t get business get over your ego and surrender.  Figure out how to get butts in your chair.  I might seem a little direct today but there are no excuses. This is something I continue to tell myself that as my business continues to grow. Often times I write my post and it’s probably for me to hear… what’s holding me back to get to the next level??  Why are we scared to commit?

Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you love.

My education will be taking a huge shift in 2017 I will only be offering my BMS class  ordered to get certified.   If you are interested in attending my shadowing program you must attend BMS first.   This class is been a game changer her for myself and all of my students.  There’s limited spots available in this class and I have not yet listed dates.   There is currently a waitlist and if you wish to be added to the wait list please email me at

My last one day certification class will be December 5th and has a couple spots left

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