Tomorrow’s the day! It’s crazy how fast this time year flies by. Today we have family coming in town from Utah and I will be hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I also hosted  Thanksgiving last year I think it’s just an excuse for family to get out of this cold weather. Going to the beach on Thanksgiving day isn’t bad either.

I know on Thanksgiving we’re supposed to feel thankful for everything we have but honestly I feel thankful daily. I live right off Pacific coats highway in a home with an amazing Oceanview. I always dreamed of some day living this lifestyle and in this area and it wasn’t only five short years ago that we were struggling to pay bills and fighting to make  even our marriage work.  Sometimes in life you have to experience pain in order to  see the other side of greatness and to truly be grateful for where you are.   When you fight for what you want you’ll begin to pick up momentum.

As I drive down the coast daily and take in all the beauty around me a couple times a week I have to pinch myself and think wow we did it!!

Going into this next year advice I give myself and another’s is don’t hold back but stop to be grateful for the path in life you choose  to create for yourself .

Happy Thanksgiving everyone I hope you enjoy your company and stop to remember what you’re grateful for.



Dress/Tracy Reese Booties/ Stuart Weitzman Sun glasses/ Jimmy Choo Bag/ Chloe

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