Opportunities in life won’t happen until your ready for it.

Why are we afraid to start anything?? We sit back and watch others move forward and wonder how they did it but in reality we all have it in us to do the same.

Success can be a choice.

I tend to be a little bit of a perfectionist and find I’m scared to take the next step to create success in my life.

I remember the first time I got on camera. I was so nervous. Keep in mind this was just for youtube and I was in my bathroom. But in my mind I was going to get a million views 😬😬.
I posted my cute and very scary video talking about shampoo online and waited for the views to roll in. A week latter I logged on and there was 6 views.

I thought to myself fuck it I’m out… this is scary shit and I only got 6 views. A couple weeks went by and I thought maybe I need to try again. I started to research top youtubers why did I like them what was there energy like. I realized I wasn’t being ME on camera because I was too worried about what others thought about me.
I decide to try again but this time I let go a little like I was talking to a bunch of my girl friends. It started to work… people could relate to me and even started flying in to get there hair done with me. I now have over 1 million view on my YouTube channel.

Over the last 5 years I have become more comfortable sharing my story. And in doing so have been able to not only love my job but love sharing and connecting with other women around the country.

I sit here today teaching my BMS class in Laguna Beach and can’t help be so excited for the path or each one of my students. You can do so much more than you could dream possible. These women inspire me and I see so much of myself in each one of them.

Are you ready to commit?

Often time we think we need a clear path… a year plan. You don’t. Choose to surround yourself with those who inspire you. Create your own path.

I went to a business mastermind last week hoping to get all the right answers. I didn’t get any of the answers I thought I needed. But somehow I saw things I couldn’t see before. I sat back and looked and my own personal Business and thought holy shit it’s game time! Going to this mastermind helped me believe in myself and hit the gas a little more. It weird since I have decided to commit I also feel many opportunities are coming my way. I truly believe opportunity will happen when your ready for it.

Sometime in life we just need permission not necessarily a clear path.

Next year class dates for BMS coming soon!😘😘

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Pants/Madewell Jacket/Freepeople Choker/Nordstrom Sandal/ Alexander Wang Bag/chanel

Photos by: Taylor Cole

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