What makes NBR different than other beaded row extensions?? The customization and blend.


Every month at my salon DKW Styling located in Laguna Beach CA, I get the opportunity to teach amazing woman who fly in from around the world to take my advanced certification on Natural Beaded Rows. This is not your ordinary hair class (as you can see). This class does not only teach you the fundamentals of NBR but you get a chance to see in person just how detailed my work is. I wear my own product and have been perfecting it on myself as well as my clients for over 13 years.  Placement, color and cut play a huge role in extensions looking natural.

Hey girl I can see your extensions!!!

Hair extensions should not only look good in the before and after but they should hide well in the hair. If the wind blows or your want to put your hair in a quick pony tail, I don’t want to worry about anything peaking out. One of the biggest mistakes when is comes to hair extensions is ordering hair to match the client when what should be done is order something close and color some if not all the hair to get that seamless blend. Knowing how much hair to place on each client and how much to cut out of extensions will blend the color and create soft movement in the hair.

Have you ever seen extensions that look like sheets of hair or separate like noodles??


In my experience when I have tried many single strand methods  ( glue, protein, tape, bead ) you name it I have tried it. They tend to separate which causes the color to look heavy and not well blended. These are also hard to cut into, because if you cut too much out you are left with thin extension ends that don’t move or blend well. If you have tried other row methods a common thing I see is that the hair lays like sheets of hair. If you don’t put enough hair in each client you will not be able to layer and cut into it therefore it will not look  very natural. Ther are so many little deatils I could go into that make NBR different. But for now You might just have to come see me in person;)

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My last  one day group class for the year is December 5th.

I would recommend attending this before attending my advanced course. Starting in January 2017 in order to become certified you must attend my BMS class.

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