I’m back with my mermaid hair and it feels so good!

Don’t get me wrong I loved the short hair for the last couple months it was a great change but it’s hard to give women this amazing hair and not get a little envious. I kept my color the same and just freshened up a few highlights around my face. If you’re in Extension junkie like myself you know that putting new hair and he’s a love-hate relationship.

New hair gets better in time

I love all the soft demention in new hair and how perfect it is. Unfortunately I like it better after about three weeks. If you’re new to hair extensions you may not realize but the color and texture always looks better after about a three week time period. I usually force myself to leave a little bit longer until the texture changes and then determine if I want a little bit of length off or even tweak the color a little. Another important thing to keep in mind if you’re new to Extension’s is the hair will expand in time. So if it feels a bit flat  don’t worry Hair will expand. You want  hair in the beginning to look full but if it’s too full it will tangle after the hair expands. You need to make sure you have the perfect amount and balance in your hair to create the best results. When doing extensions on my clients I don’t just take an account the immediate before and after but with the hair will look like in three weeks.

Often times I like when they come back for their first initial move up everything seems to have softened and the texture and overall look just blends a little bit better. One of my favorite things to do with extensions is mix all the new hair this way it is constantly looking refreshed without looking like Barbie hair. Because my hair was short I had no choice, I couldn’t mix old and new I had to go with all new hair. I love how it turned out but know that it will look even better after multiple washes.

One of the most important things as an extension guru is educating your clients on how to care for them. This will help the long Jevity of the hair as well as create less stress or damage on the natural hair. Watch this video as as I try to keep a straight face while going over some of the do’s and donts of taking care of your NBR hair extensions.

If your a stylist and your interested in learning Natural Beaded Row extensions I have decided to open up one last class before the end of the year…

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Happy Tuesday!