Are you stuck in a rut???


Do you ever sit down at the end of the week and think wow what happen to my week… then six months fly by and you think wait it was just summer. Often time in life and business we think we have so much time until it gone.

I train women on business and hair around the county. We recently had one of my advanced 2 day classes. One of the biggest  Challenge I give all my students to do when they leave is.  Don’t try and conquer the world in one week.  Meaning we go to a hair class or an event and we get hyped up and think we’re gonna make a big overnight. However, the key is small amount of work every day and being consistent.  Just because you learn a new technique or attend a class does not equal more money.  And in the end although we love what we do we are interested in one thing making money and getting results.

Stop making excuses!


Often times I hear people say I just don’t have time to add any more onto my plate I can’t do any marketing or social media.  I simply respond great hope you’re happy with where you’re at;).   Or people will tell me I have been doing all the work and nothings happening. I often ask them can you look back at your work and honestly say you see progression? If not maybe something needs to change.  Advice I like to give to my students is don’t try and reinvent the wheel but find out what others are doing and what is working about what they are doing and put your own spin on it.

Get out of your comfort zone!


During my classes I make every student grab their  cell phone take a short 20 second  video and post to their social media. I am always shocked and surprised with how many women start hyperventilating at this idea.  I say honey if you can’t do this nothing will change.  You would be surprised,  if you’re willing to put yourself out there how much positive feedback you get. And in the end if you’re consistent with that you will see results.

I recently got asked to speak at one of the largest marketing conventions in las Vegas  in February  with my husband. I’m  talking over 2,000 people!!  I’m not going to lie,  this makes me  hyperventilate just a little . However I know that in the past when I’m uncomfortable and I’m willing to put myself out there I grow more.

I want to challenge all of you to do something different this week.

Can you create a half hour to an hour every single day to put towards learning and growing??

I know every single person reading this post is probably on some form of social media at least an hour a day. I want you to start paying attention to the photos that you are liking. What’s different about them, what do you like about them, pay attention when you’re shopping online, why did you want to buy this item, have you seen it before?  Start researching other people systems… do your homework!

Stop being unconscious and figure out what compels you to buy Or follow someone.


Staying in the know is key


I make my students do four posts a day. whether its video, pictures, or text.  Within a couple months of doing so we are shocked with the momentum that they have built and the clients they’re able to gain…  One of my students recently text me and said holy shit this stuff really works!!

Bottom line if you’re willing to do the work every single day and not conquer the world overnight you will build momentum and see a change.


My husband and I went from not being able to pay the bills, to living the Southern California lifestyle we always dreamed of in less than five years.  If that’s not change I don’t know what is. I went through a painful place in my life that I had no other choice.. I had to make shit happen. Within  A year of creating my brand I started to pick up more and more clients and the brand begin to develop.  I’m so excited to see where the next five years takes us. My husband and I will be starting a funny yet very real and raw  podcast called “date your wife” stay tuned for details!!

My classes will be changing a little bit next year. My one day  Group class will become a color and Extension demo only.  Don’t miss out on my last class of the year December 5 in Laguna Beach.

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