Blonde Bombshell!!!



Press play on my latest youtube video to see some of my favorite “secret” formulas for that perfect BLONDE BOMBSHELL!  My latest blondes at my salon in Laguna Beach CA.



Every Year We Increase Our Prices About 5%…

Dear Stylist,
What if this year you increased your pricing by 75%.
This sounds Crazy Right?
As a working mom with 2 young children, slaving behind the chair for 10 hours days and working almost every Saturday it just wasn’t going to work for me.
I had to change things.
Over the last 4 years ago I have figured out how to work less, create move value for my clients and make three times as much while still spending massive amounts of time with my husband and children.

How Could I Make More and Work Less?

I remember thinking what if I just worked 9-4 three times per week and still enjoyed doing hair.
Your lying to yourself if you think you love hair so much your willing to work every day from 9-8pm!
Trust me I have been there.

                  This Created MY Burnout Phase.


                         If You Have A Niche 

               You Don’t Have To Work As Hard.

Stop taking Kids, Mens Cuts, Random Colors, Perms and Your friends and family that don’t really pay you that well…
…and get focused on what you really want in business.
The only way to get really ridiculously good at something is to narrow in on the services you offer.
Own your niche!
Even as specific as offering only one method of extensions and stop generalizing that you specialize in ALL extensions.
Your clients want you to offer only the best.

             Don’t Wait Until January To Start

           Planning Your Goals For Next Year!

I offer monthly classes at my salon in Laguna Beach, CA.
They were sold you until 2017, but I decided to add one more this year so if you are ready to start fresh with new goals and outcomes for yourself in 2017, join the elite NBR certified stylists on my team and double your income next year!
(This class has limited spots and will sell out!)

To Secure Your Seat for the December 5thtraining… 

Simply Email me at:  and say:

“I’m In”

My team will follow up with you to get you registered!

For More information on this class CLICK HERE

Happy Tuesday Everyone!