Not all “Beaded Rows” are Created Equal…

There are so many stories about extensions. Who doesn’t love the idea of more hair. But getting them to not only look good in the before and after photo but natural looking in person are two different things. So what is different about NBR? I’m not going to sit here at pitch you, but simply tell you that it comes down to wearing these in my hair for over a decade.  I live an active  busy lifestyle and needed something that was easy to take care off, didn’t take 4-6 hours in the salon and didn’t completely destroy my hair.


I don’t want to give away all my secrets, but I have found the best solution for less damage is less points of contact in the hair.


In my experience of  doing 12-15 sets a week and wearing them in my own hair helps me to understand placement, weight distribution, texture and many other key components in creating natural comfortable extensions that not only allow you to pull your hair up but hide well if the wind blows. Understanding how to color and cut is huge for the overall blend and moveability of the hair.  if the color is off even a tiny bit, its a dead giveaway. If you don’t cut into the hair enough it looks like sheets of hair. If you cut into it too much the consistency doesn’t flow or blend.

Kathleen (behind the blog Carriebradshawlied ) had only experienced one type of extensions years ago and was a little nervous to try them again. She would wear clip ins a lot and decided to try a more permanent solution. I love how natural hers turned out. We touched up her color and added 3 different shades of extension hair in. She is only wearing 1.5 rows which is only about 20-25 points of contact. Start to finish with color takes me about 3 hours total which if you’re not familiar with extensions is very speedy.

I love hair, I’m a total hair geek. Its kinda weird how much passion I have for it. When you have a skill set in which you have worked hard for its fun to share with not only the client but I also offer classes and now teach on what I have learned over the last decade of hustle.

All my classes were sold out for the rest of the year but I have decided to open one more group class December 5th in Laguna Beach CA CLICK HERE for details.

If you are a client and live or willing to travel to Laguna don’t be shy reach out and contact me! CLICK HERE to find out more information or if you are ready to book CLICK HERE!


The NBR Difference