How good is your Transformation??

Both color and Extensions can be damaging,


This was one of my clients when I first met her about a year ago, we have been slowly taking her darker and add only one row of NBR for fullness. One of my goals as a stylist and an extension expert is to keep the integrity of the natural hair. There are so many horror stories with extensions, as someone who wears my own product…trust me I’m looking for the best results possible.


There is not an extension method on the planet that doesn’t create some damage. Just because it is a “protein bond”  doesn’t mean its good for your hair.  In my experience, the best  possible and least damaging results can be achieved by attaching to less areas of the head. I also believe that clients should be educated on how to care for extensions and how often to switch the hair out.

I always try to give my clients realistic expectations, and can relate to them because I wear NBR hair extensions. I have personally tried over a dozen different methods and types of hair to see what I like. During this process, I realized that not all hair extensions are created equal even if they look similar from an outside perspective.



IMG_3107 IMG_3104

 She was looking to make some changes in her Branding.

Meet Marci, a personal friends and client of mine. She was looking to make some changes in her branding. I recommended extensions and color. These before photos were taken about 2 years ago. Because her hair was so short ( naturally red and course) we had to add 2.5 rows in order to blend her short layers. I don’t normally take clients with short thick hair because you have to add a lot of hair in order for it to blend and it can be heavy for the natural hair and a lot of work to style. The after photos were taken just this week at my salon. She is now down to only one row which adds only about an inch of

The after photos were taken just this week at my salon. She is now down to only one row which adds only about an inch of length. To be honest I told her she doesn’t need them anyone and her real hair looks amazing. She told me she loved how they styled and held curl. They also help to enhance the color.

I love her current color as well, close to her natural but just a little softer. We achieve this look with baby lights and low lights every other time. You can see over time how well her hair has been able to grow with these in. Now some clients may not be able to grow their hair with extensions in. It depends on the natural texture and length of your hair. I personally have never been able to grow my hair out.  It’s not that it doesn’t grow, it just reaches a point and doesn’t seem to get much longer. Even when I was young I always had shoulder length hair. Each client is different but my overall goal is to improve. or at least keep the current length of a client’s hair for those whose hair reaches that “stopping point”.

Here is what Marci had to say…

“I came to Danielle with my hair just past my shoulders & ready to shift back into the Long hair without the hassle. I first had 2 rows & a mini, then 2 & am now down to 1 row for extra length as my hair has consistently grown & is almost full length to where I’m desiring it now Danielle & her team are the very BEST & I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Quality is the difference & gave me the exact look & experience I wanted.” Marci Lock




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I love Change…

Be careful with how much change with  hair color you make, or it may be too much for the hair to handle and you will end up taking a few inches off your length. Now a couple inches for me could  take years to grow;) This was one of my clients we took her really blonde right before the summer and recently decided to take her to a more natural fall bronde. I’m obseesed with her new color. When changing it up I try to get the best results without compromising the hair too much. Color for me is not more about timing, placement, and the porosity of the hair in order to get the results you are looking for.


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From Brassy to Classy

This was a favorite from the week…

One of my favorite things to do with color is takes out the yellow. This doesn’t mean just putting on a tonner. We all know toners fade and your left with that yellow blonde. I don’t tone hardly any of my color. One of my secrets is creating soft dimension. I also noticed this makes a huge difference in creating more natural looking extensions in both photos and in person. How good do your extensions look in person?  Join me in one of my classes in Laguna Beach too see more of my secrets, or follow on Youtube for more tips!



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Not all extensions are for Length…

This client is wearing what I currently wear in my hair two full rows for fullness. They are only about an inch longer than her real hair but not all extensions are for length but also help the color show up better and add a natural overall look!



If you haven’t already pressed play on the video up top we are talking about our favorite curling techniques on Tuesday tips!

Don’t be shy… 

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