Do you ever find yourself on YouTube just looking for a quick easy Hairstyle  and the next thing  you know you’re watching a 72 step fishtail braid that wraps around your whole head six times.  Even a hair as a hairstylist I get overwhelmed with complicated styles. As a working mom on the go I love quick easy ideas that take only 5-10 minutes.

I recently partnered up with NordicTrack ( click HERE or HERE to see more) to share some of my favorite at home workouts. But  in this particular post I wanted to talk about easy hairstyles on the go that are also perfect for working out. As a busy mom  an entrepreneur sometimes you need hair that can transition quick to work or running errands after.  I try not to wash my hair every day and typically go about every third day.  All three of the styles shown in this video are perfect for day two and day three hair.

Style #1 The braid into the pony

Start by taking a deep triangle section in your preferred side part.

French braid at an angle going over not under.

Gradually take it in the direction of your ponytail.

Secure the braid with a small elastic and then begin to pull apart.

Last tease your braid into your ponytail and spray with your preferred hairspray.

Hairstyle #2 Three Pony Twist

Start by teasing your hair separate into three small ponytails in the back.

Twist pin repeat  and That’s it! ( I love this  style because it looks more complicated than it really is)

Style # 3 Boho Braids

OK ladies this is where you can choose to get a little bit more creative or keep it more simple.

Start by teasing the hair then direct the small section to one side and simply tie a knot in your hair and pin. (  The style alone is super cute for a half updo)

Braid a small section down from the knot.

Secure the braid and then begin to pull it apart.

Now begin to take the excess pieces and wrap them or weave them in and out of the braid. ( this is where Stacie  got creative and chose to crimp a few pieces)

This one took a little bit more time for the final look, but Still a lot more simple than it looks.  I also love the half up look with the loose braid.

Products used in this post include…

Unite expand Dust, Unite Crimper, My favorite Redken Hair Spray

My workout look:

Nike Pants, Top, and Shoes ( my favorite running shoes)

Incline trainer/ NordicTrack X5i incline Trainer Treadmill #SponsoredbyNordicTrack



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My Go to Workout Hair

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