Fall is the Season for Change…

Sharing some of our favorite fall hair color trends on today’s show. Reds are making a huge impression this year. Keep your reds classy and rich, avoid any purple or violet Hughes and go for a little more cinnamon under tones. I love anything with a little bit of a rooty feels…not to be confused with ombre. This gives it a softer growout. I have  seen clients skin tone change completely by simply adding that little bit of depth at the root. This Chocolate brunette started off with almost black roots with a few balayage ends. We choose to blend and warm it up for fall. Less contrast more classy. It was not a simple project because the dark black/brown was permanent hair color. 4 hours later working with my two assistants we were able to give her this new updated look with a full set of extensions.

Sandy blondes is always a go to for me when a summer bleach blonde is looking for a change and says ” I want to go brown”. I keep it conservative and ease them into the bronde family (brown+ blonde) Every time I do this they say wow its so dark and I think I’m glad we didn’t go all brown and 3 weeks later they freak out and need me to squeeze them in for an emergency blonde highlight;) Sunkissed Bronde is something I personally like in my hair all year round. I very with the amount of highlights but I’m kinda boring when it comes to my own color. Recently I took my scissors home… Next thing you know I came to work with a Shaggy lob (long bob). Valerie touched up my cut and in this video and Stacie touched up my curls with my new T3 iron. I’m still wearing 2 rows of NBR extensions but I just love how extensions hold curls and make your hair look extra shaggy.

All of these photos was some of my recent work with color and extensions. I consider my niche to be both. Color plays a huge role in creating natural looking hair extensions. I never tighten or put a fresh set in with out coloring them to blend. The more I work with color  I realize how important it is that you don’t treat these as separate but as one. You should color the extension hair as if it was already attached. If you are wondering, I always color the hair out. For some reason, I can just better visually my end result. Color is about problem-solving and making sure you hit a home run everytime. Often times it’s never a single process. I look at color one section at a time. Problem solve as you go.

Its important to make sure to schedule enough time for yourself or work with an assistant so you are not stressed and create the best possible outcome.  If you are a stylist and you are feeling that change bug,and you are looking to do something different to up your game now is the time! My classes are sold out for the rest of the year but I have a couple spots left for my shadowing program. If you are a stylist and you are interested in my education or want to book your shadowing with me  CLICK HERE!  If you’re a potential client I would love to invite you to sit in my chair for some Mimosa and pumpkin bread;) CLICK HERE to book with myself or a team member!

Rooty Chocolate


Sandy Blondes


Sunkissed Brondes


Rich Reds


Modern Shag