Social Media??


I was recently working on a client of mine and we started to to talk about “social media” . She just happens to do trainings for large companies on this topic. So I asked her… ” how do I grow my numbers to help support my brand I have created.” One of the things that came up was the “right” kind of engagement with others. I love creating content but I swear being social is a full-time job. Its not that I’m not a friendly person… I just don’t have a lot of free time between have 2 kids, a salon, my own clientele and also my education for stylists.

I’m much more of an observer. I told her being social on social media is kinda bullshit. I try to be authentic to who I am and sometimes feel its all a big game… She simply told me “think of engaging as a business move”. At some level I think I was posting like it was a business but not engaging like one.


Then I started to think about getting out of my comfort zone.


I remember when I first started my brand about 5 years ago, and my husband (who is very social and outspoken ) said its time to put yourself out there. At this point in my life we were struggling financially I felt I needed to jump in a help. With two beautiful little girls as my motivation I knew I could do this! I started just filming short hair video and putting them on youtube.

I remember I would get so nervous like I was going to get a million view right out of the gate.  For the next two years I did a video in my bathroom every week, and I began to observe myself…. sounds weird right? I would watch how I was speaking my body language everything. I wanted to become better at putting myself out there and being social. Getting out of my comfort zone. Its funny when I first started I didn’t know how to edit video very well so it was a one-shot show, meaning I didn’t know how to edit things out.

Many times I did not even want to post, but what I started to find is that people seemed to like it. I’m not just talking about them clicking the little thumbs up button to feed my ego, but many women started reaching out to me saying how much they related to my personality and hair struggles. I then started to relax a little on camera and decided to just be me. Women started flying in to have their hair done. This was crazy to me, but I knew the videos I was creating were working and I didn’t need the social proof.

Owning your growth.


I started getting more and more people want to fly out to me this is also when stylist wanted to start to learn from me as well. I started holding classes and speaking and teaching in front of people live. I would have never imagined that I would ever be comfortable with this. That this other person was not who I am.

In the last five years, I feel like I have grown so much and don’t realize until I train other women and stylist like me who are terrified of putting their  self out there. Anyone can be social online, but can you put yourself out there in person as well? I would encourage you to jump outside your comfort zone. In my experience it doesn’t change you just brings out a side that has always been there.


As my client and I continued down the social media conversation I decided I needed to engage more, in order to build the brand and even get more outside my comfort zone. This doesn’t mean just sending out more emojis but really reaching out to others.  You never know what might happen! Every month at my salon I will be doing as sponsored post which means it’s makeover time! I started by collaborating with a few local orange county bloggers and I can’t wait to share some of their new looks each month on the blog.

This month my team and I were also looking for other ways to engage and we saw the LIVE with Kelly Rippa was holding a contest to win a spot to co-host with her. So we thought lets enter and see what happens. Out of thousands of entries, I just found out today that I made top 40!!! I’m excited to see if I can make it to the next round. I have to think of a skill set I can demonstrate for Kelly on a one minute video.  I’m thinking something hair related or your know shopping has to be a skill right?;)


Happy Friday Everyone! CLICK HERE to see my video entry for LIVE with Kelly. Or shop this cute #OOTD below!



Shoes/Jimmy Choo Dress/ Shoshanna Bag/ JW Aderson   Photos by: Taylor Cole

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