Your are are only as good as you can delegate!

how fast are you learning and growing? Are you living up to your potential?

I think as women it can be hard to  delegate. We try and be superwoman and tell we eventually burn out. For some reason we take pride in saying we can do it all but in  my experience, it increases anxiety and stresses me out.  It’s hard to overcome the guilt as a working mom.  I think that’s part of the reason I personally try to be superwoman.

I once had a mentor and coach who told me to just focus on my unique abilities.  I thought to myself don’t you know I’m superwoman I can do it all it’s all my unique abilities.

I remembered when I hired my first assistant.  At the time of being in superwoman mode I didn’t  even think I was really worthy to have an assistant.   I learned a lot with my first assistant… it’s like when you want to be mad at them but really should be mad at yourself because you were not  clear. You just assume people can read your mind yet I learned that you can only get results based on how well you can delegate and that you are responsible if things get fucked up.

Learning to be more specific and clear has helped me become a better educator wife and mom.   I found this also works well with husbands… You know like when you ask them to unload the dishwasher and the next day it’s still not done and your mad all afternoon and they have no idea why;), apparently you have to tell them you want it unload  within the next 45 minutes.

Often times I notice I try to avoid  confrontation  and end up being passive aggressive rather than just be upfront and clear.  My personality is kind of a easy-going hippie but I also demand perfection.  I realize I needed to bring the bitch out. This doesn’t mean I have to be rude or passive aggressive but just be clear  in order to get the results I was looking for.

I train many women who say I can’t do what you do it’s just too hard it’s not my personality…

I’m going to call bullshit.

In my experience if you are willing to put yourself out there you will learn and grow along the way.

At some level you have to surrender to the idea of not being such a perfectionist ( including all my grammar and spelling errors in this post).  I personally have learned so much about myself along the way including how to  how to be a good  delegator in order focus on my  unique abilities.

You are only as good as your team!

There is this message in the marketplace that in order to be a lady boss you have to be superwoman and take on this masculine roll when in fact I believe you just need to learn how to delegate and still channel your feminine energy.

“Act like a lady think like a boss”

Learn how to be a Lady Boss!!

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