The Turbulence Was Bad and My Daughter Was Crying…

There I was sitting on the plane as the turbulence began.

I was not new to turbulence but this time it was bad.

Im not talking about the small bumps kind, Im talking about the kind that has the entire plane drop 5-10ft at at a time.

So I’m sitting there with my two beautiful girls and husband thinking,

“I hate flying so much.”

As I’m stuck in my own fears I look over at my 9yr old daughter and tears are pouring down her cheeks as she is trying to be brave for her 5yr old sister.

Here is the fact.

I get nervous every time we travel.

I have bad aniexity, the kind that keeps most people from doing much new in life.

I had to make a decision when i was younger to either be consumed by this anxiety or learn how to master it.

Not Traveling because of it was not going to happen.

I refuse to let it hold me back.

So back to my story.

The turbulence is crazy and I’m scared to the point that I reach out and grab my husbands hand.

10 minutes later the turbulence finally slows.

I let go of my husbands hand and my Daughter stops crying.

This is a feeling I will likely never get over when flying.

But this time was different.

Looking around at my family I noticed this overwhelming sense of gratitude overcome me.

Not just because the turbulence had stopped, but because I realized that scary things in life can happen to you and me but we can’t let it hold us back.

Be grateful for where you are while working for what you want and Stop wishing you were someone else and create the life you deserve for yourself.

I started to ask myself where in my life I might be holding myself back because of “Turbulence” and specifically in my business.

I took out my journal and began to write and get clear.

Three question I asked myself that you might want to ask your self also?

  • Where am I right now?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • And is there a clear path?

To be honest if you sit and write it out. the path to getting what you want might be easier then you think.

In my experience I have noticed that often we  don’t want to see the clear path.

Because if you and I see the clear simple work that has to be done we will run out of excuses for not doing it, but when we keep in unclear and confusing we can stay stuck.

If you face your fears you may realize that Possibilities are not that far from your reach.

After writing out my notes in my journal and emotionally committing to myself to go ALL IN AGAIN I turned to my husband and said,

Im tired of screwing around, I want to clear over a $1million in my business in 2017 and guide 25 other stylists to breaking $100k while still getting to be a full time Mothers and Wive’s.

He smiled.

He has been waiting for me to say this for a long time.

We then sat for the next hour on the plan and drew out the plan.

Many of you may not know my husband.

From 2002 – 2008 He ran multiple very successful business’s.

Then like many he was crushed by the reverse direction of the banking crises.

For years i watched him struggle to get clear.

For years I watched him fight to dig us out of the hole.

In 2012 his clarity finally came.

In less then 4 years he has took some simple concepts and went from Zero to well over $3.4 million in revenue (2015) and his business’s are on track to break $6 Million this year (2016).

So I knew if anyone could help me figure it out, he would be more than qualified.

For the first time we are training together.

With the Launch of Big Money Stylist it is allowing me to give back to the thousands of Stylists around the world who can relate to my story of struggle.

My life and my marriage has not always been easy.

The truth?

There were many years it seemed easier to just throw it all away, the Hair, the Marriage everything.

Today, I love being at a point in my life were I can sit back and say it’s not perfect,

BUT God I love my life.

So if you’re a Stylist who is wanting more.

If your a Stylist who is sick of playing the old game.

If you are Stylist who would like to master the Six Simple Steps to Six Figures that I used to master the Boutique salon experience I have created the past 10 years.


Life is not easy.

But in the End?

THE WORK is always worth it.

Danielle K White
Founder, DKW Styling
Trainer, Big Money Stylist
Creator, Natural Beaded Rows



This was my girls first trip to NYC. We stayed at the Plaza.

I love that hotel because its right next to central park. Central park is so much bigger than most people realize. going on daily runs there was amazing. We also took the girls to the zoo inside the park and went for  carriage ride. Some of the exploring we did included ground zero, the broadway Aladdin, a yacht around the statue of liberty, and of course we snuck in some shopping.

My girls went to The American girl store and I went straight to the shoes. One of my favorite department stores in NYC is Bergdorf and Goodman, which is conveniently located next to the Plaza. One of the pairs of shoes I got were the Miu Miu ballett flats. I love the  changeable ribbons, so whimsical and edgy at the same time.

While we were there we had our yearly family photo shoot done in central Park, I’ll be sharing those photos next week on the blog. The first Dress in these photos is by Self Portrait and is one of my favorite designers.

To Shop more of my NYC looks details Below.

FullSizeRender-9image  Shorts/ One teaspoon, Shoes/ Miu Miu Boyfriend shirt/ Nordstrom, Sunnies/ Tom Ford

image Romper/ Zimmermann, Sandal/ Aquazzura, Bag/Chloe, Sunnies/ Tom FordIMG_6525image Dress/ Anthropologie, Flats/ Miu Miu, Bag/ GoyardFullSizeRender-8IMG_6045image Dress/ Parker, Sandal/ Aquazzura, Sunnies/ Tom FordIMG_5913image Dress/ Alexis, Sandal/Alexandre Birman