Communication with Clients is Key to Hitting a Home run each Time.

Trust yourself. Listen to what problems the client is communicating or order to solve the problem. Remember they don’t do hair so often times when they say things like “I want to be blonder “, what they mean is I want less yellow in my hair.  Some clients will say they want cooler tones but what they really want is neutral tones. Throwing a tonner all over will only mask the problem for a week or two. When I look at hair color I try not to over think things. take each section one step at a time. This way you are not stuck to an overall plan if things don’t go perfectly the way you planned. For example step one for me would be… They want lighter highlights but they also have grays. I start with highlights then quickly move to the base color. after the base is almost done depositing I add the lowlights in order to give it dimension without taking the color too dark.

Your goal with hair color should be to problem solve one step at a time a create the best possible outcome as you go.

3 tips to remember when coloring hair:

#1 color is a science and an art

#2 color is all about timing and the porosity of the hair.

#3 trust yourself and take it one section at a time.


This week on the show Valerie and I are talking about the importance of coloring the hair extensions in order to get a seamless blend. As we were prepping the hair, one of my former stylists and students was in town. I had no idea she was in town but try to keep in touch with each stylist. She had text Val and mentioned she might stop by. So we decided to have her as guest on the show. Later this week I received this email from her that said the following…


So with July just having ended I’m sitting here doing my monthly totals and what not for taxes (yay 🙄), and I’m a bit in shock. As of the end of July my income is the same as my total income of 2015! I’ve made in 7 months what took me 12 months to do last year and I basically still have half the  year left! Holy. Shit.
So really this email is more of a thank you!  When I began doing NBR just last year (😳) I had no idea what I was in for. I knew it would be a great addition to my services and something my clients would really benefit from. But I never knew it would turn into this. I never thought I would be able to tell a client her total for HAIR was $1200 and she would happily pay it. I never thought I would be able to turn away men, kids, haircuts, and really any client I simply didn’t like and feel no stress about it. I never thought at 26 I’d be on the road to easily making over $100k, I thought this was something that would take many, many years, if not decades. I can only imagine how my income will continue to grow in the next few years.
All these changes came not from being behind the chair every day, doing every service, to every person that wanted their hair done but really from two things, NBR and BMS. You guys not only gave me the method, technique, and education but also the drive, marketing skills, and confidence to know I am absolutely worth what I charge. I don’t know if I would have made it this far, this quickly without everything we learned at BMS. The way I thought about my entire career shifted that weekend. The Whites have definitely figured out how to change the game in the hair world and I’m thrilled I was one of the first people to have experienced it.
So once again, thank you both. Keep being awesome, keep killing it and keep hustling. Can’t wait to see you guys again.

What are some of your goals as a stylist this year?

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This was some of my latest work at my salon in Laguna Beach CA.

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