As a busy mom wife and entrepreneur, I find it important to stay fit to keep my energy levels up. I try to get in at least 4-5 workouts per week. There is not always time for the gym and I love a good at home workout. I have always owned a treadmill at home because this makes it easy to get up before the kiddos are awake and get in about 20-30 minutes. NordicTrack recently gave me the X15i incline treadmill. To be honest the first thing I noticed about this machine is how soft it was on my knees. I totally sound like an old lady saying this but if your a runner you can relate. I love all the features on the treadmill and the incline is crazy, it goes higher than your average treadmill which makes it a better work out. I noticed for me adding an incline helps to give me that surfer bum without bulking my legs.

In this short video with my personal trainer Jessica @tightandtonednow we talk about some of our favorite things to keep lean. PRESS PLAY to find out some of our SECRETS

The most important thing for me is staying active and making sure I fuel throughout the day, this means packing a lunch on the days I am at the salon and sneaking in that 20 minute workout on my incline trainer before I head to work. I also love a shorter workouts on the days I work because it’s just enough to wake my brain up without feeling overly exhausted. I also call this my de-puff workout…this way when I get to the salon I look refreshed and ready to work. Stop making it so hard on yourself, be accountable to yourself and find a way to make time for YOU. working out doesn’t have to be a big deal but simply part of your current lifestyle. You would be amazed how simply creating that space for yourself and staying consistent throughout the week will help you maintain a healthier more fit lifestyle.

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incline trainer/ NordicTrack X5i incline Trainer Treadmill #SponsoredbyNordicTrack
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