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For some reason I find myself shopping between the hours of 10 and 11pm…

Even when I am just scrolling through social media this is no longer social time it shopping time. Do You ever get ready to hit “complete purchase” and think how in the world am I here and buying 3 pairs of shoes right now. Or the next thing you know I’m signed up for Kayla Itsines workout app, or booking my next eyebrow tattoo consultation. One glass of wine down and the next thing you know my cart is full and I’m clicking checkout. I forget about what I bought until a week later my husband tells me Santa Clause came early this year. He is of course referring to the pile of beautiful brown boxes sitting at my door step.

I Simple laugh and tell him don’t worry hun half it goes back. But we both know that this is not true. As an entrepreneur myself I am always fascinated by what leads me down what I call the rabbit hole and ultimately compels me to buy. Is it timing or strategic seduction. How many times have I seen this pair of shoes before I finally purchase them? What got my attention? Did I feel the pressure to buy? Did it say the magic words “Only one left”? What was the bait? I tell my husband that shopping is not only therapeutic but research as well;). I now pay attention to all the details that sell me in order to become a better marketer myself. Want to become good at sells? Start paying attention to why you buy,chances are if you are easily sold you can probably sell.

I’m kinda obsessed with these overalls. It’s so hard to find overalls that actually fit cute. Keeping it simple today with all black. I love the look of an off the shoulder top with overalls, some how you feel less naked on your shoulder because of the straps. I love these lace up sandals.I have seen them on a few other bloggers and finally decided to cave and purchase them.

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This weeks look:
Overalls/free people (love these too)
Tee/ Splendid (great basic on sale)
Sandal/ Saint Laurent
bag/ Chloe