Great things take time and Hard work…


There I was 10:30 pm, kids were in bed and I was doing my usual scrolling through Pinterest. Pinning things I wanted to have  or places I wanted to be. How would I get there?

There was no clear path. I was just a hair stylist. Sure I loved what I did but there was a roof on what hairdresser could make, right?  I just needed to marry someone who could figure it out and then I could just be my hippie self and just do hair for the art, and hobby. I was officially a hobby hair stylist.


My marriage wasn’t doing great…


It’s hard to create a good relationship with financial struggles and two young children.  5 years ago I sat back as the hobby hair stylist waiting for my husband to figure it out. I remember this specific night because it hit me like a ton a bricks as I was scrolling through Pinterest that night and thought…

What are you waiting for?

The harsh reality came crashing down on me that maybe he wasn’t supposed to figure it out, I was.  I always thought because I’m the mom my role is different. I decided to change my story. The next few weeks I became consumed with other peoples blogs. I would get on Pinterest every moring and not just pin, but dig. I needed to find other people doing it right and try to figure out how they were doing it.


I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in starting a blog or marketing so I wasn’t even sure where to start.  I knew I needed a blog or landing page so I did trade in order to have someone help me. I knew I needed to share content on a regular basis to get people back to my site. I loved fashion and decided this would be a good place to start.

I felt like a dork taking photos of myself and posting them but I saw all these other cute girls and loved their blogs so I decided to go for it. I did trade with a photographer. This also helped my to figure out how to become better and more comfortable taking pictures of clients.  After creating my blog and consistently posting content, it started to work. There was no way at the time to track if I was selling anything I was linking, but I starting getting clients so I knew something was working.

I kept hustling…

I continued to get more clients. What was amazing is how many of them were even willing to travel.

As I continued to hustle my husband began to figure a few things out. Our marriage also seemed to get better. I felt like I could relate to him and his story of trying to make ends meet. We both continued to hustle but always making time for each other. Even when we didn’t have a lot we planned a casual date night every week to reconnect. I even feel that we went through a phase of re-dating even though we were married.

We both seemed to be learning and growing at the same pace for the first time ever in our marriage. This last week was our 13 year anniversary ( I married young ;). We spent the weekend in Cabo. As we both sat back if was fun to appreciate one another and what we had built. It was also hard to relax when you are used to go go go…

Marriage  life and business take balance and commitment. I now often sit back and think where do I need to recommit  more time to.  Sometimes those are the areas that  we have the most pain and seem easy to not put any energy into. Things won’t happen overnight, but I know in my own experience with consistent hard work you will see growth in all areas of your life.


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Must have Beachy hair texture spray, Swimsuit by Vitamin A

IMG_6752  Romper. Zimmerman ( one of my favorite fall pieces)Sandal Stuart Weitzman

IMG_6842 Swimsuit/ 6 Shore road

IMG_6809-2 One and Only Palmilla



IMG_6630 LWD/ Self Portrait


IMG_6397 Shoes/ Gucci, Bag/ Goyard

IMG_6463 Swim by/ Vitamin A Sunnies/ Chloe


IMG_6874 Swim/ Becca

IMG_6656 Dress/ Self Portrait