What is Big Money Stylist?

How do you attract the clients of your dreams and get paid what you are worth?… This is much more than just posting a before and after on your Instagram or Facebook account. Most of us sit back and watch others grow and from the outside  and it just looks like a bunch of pretty pictures ( this is important but not necessarily mean you are going to get paid). We only see surface level of what someone is doing so it becomes hard to tell what is actually working. With Social media such as Instagram, without clear instructions or a call to action,  it becomes a popularity contest. So what is your call to action, and how do you drive traffic to your call to action? The old way of just depending on referrals will get you stuck it a rut.

 Floor Time 9-12

BMS is a $2,800 two-day  event. Each day begins with floor time. During this time you will start with hands on training, and also view a demo on color and NBR hair extensions.   Danielle teaches you the art and science of creating natural looking hair extensions known as Natural Beaded Rows. She also teaches you about managing expectations with extension clients, and   how she does consultations with each client to ensure they are a fit.  This may not seem like a lot of floor time, but with BMS you also receive her online course that is divided into multiple sections on understanding the process. You can log on to this as many times as you need to. Danielle Doesn’t believe you can attend one class and be a pro, this is why 30 days before your event you get FREE daily guided live group  training with others attending the same class. Danielle and her team to prepare you for the event. This helps to get to know others in your class and support one another and also makes your time with Danielle more effective.

Class Time 12-6

The first thing we work on with BMS with stylists is a mind shift. Are you a hobbyist or a business person?  Are you creative or strategic? After we work on the mind shift of a stylist we go over the basics of social media. It is important to create a beautiful feed but is only the beginning of the work and skill sets you need to learn. Remember this isn’t just about how to get leads but have such an abundance of leads that you can actually say “No” if someone is not a good fit and hand pick only those you truly wish to work with. Crazy right? If you can hand select each client,  you would not burn out and get paid what you are worth. After we go over some of the basics with surface social media, it’s time to start being strategic. Next, we dive into tactical things for each stylist.  This is why you apply for this event so that what Danielle teaches applies to each group level, and she can be more effective with your time.

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If you think BMS is the right choice for you, CLICK this link to watch a FREE webinar and apply for the next event October 13th and 14th. (limited spots)