Summer Bronde 2016



No more going lighter for spring and summer and darker for fall. In this video we are sharing my personal favorite color to do “bronde”. I get many people ask me about my hair color recently. So I decided to share my process and formula on this post.

I have always been a blonde. But this last year I have decided to try and get back closer to my natural color. I didn’t want to color it brown… But go for a soft dimensional “Victoria Secret” brown blonde (bronde).

Maybe you can relate to my story…

I swear  I had the perfect hair color when I was about 10 years old. This was when we had recess 3 times per day and my hair had the perfect amount of sun kissed highlights. About 13 I decided to start highlighting. After’s 5 years of solid highlights I was solid blonde. As I got older my hair seemed to be darker, or maybe it was the contrast between my natural and solid bleach blonde or possibly the lack of recess.

I started to notice this color did not look good on my skin tone and needed to add my natural color back through. To give me a softer look. Going from blonde to bronde is a process and going back to your natural I have realized there is no such thing. long story short this is how I created this color in my hair.

Tips and formulas for the stylist:

I always do a base on my hair. This trick to getting your base not to pull red or look more natural is to use something close to your natural level. I am a natural level 5, and I do a 5-1 base with 20 vol. Even thought it’s the same level because I use 20 volume it lifts a tiny bit. I love a base on most fine hair clients because it makes it look not so flat and also gives it volume. If my hair is looking too dark I add highlights 2″ off base then a semi permanent through my ends the last 5 minutes. This is what I refer to as pulling color back through in the video. I use a level 7 and watch it so it doesn’t go to dark. I don’t tone my highlights but sometimes after rinsing if there are any lines I tone over just the lines with the same semi. If I don’t need highlights but want soft dimension I foil out pieces in a  with conditioner, then still pull the semi through my ends. To give it a more highlighted look around the face (like this first photo from my work in this post) don’t run the semi though the ends arounds the face, or just pull it though leaving off the last 3-4 inches.

Taking a leap of faith:

Another topic we touch base on in this video is taking a leap of faith. There are two reasons to take a leap of faith, you are too comfortable and feel your not living up to your best self, or the pain and overwhelming burnout you are currently feeling you realize you can’t continue on this path.

I belive often times we know what we need to do but don’t leap in fear of failure so we continue to tell ourselves we don’t have the time. I always tell other stylist to further there knowledge and learn new skill sets. When you become good at something you become passionate about it be uses of how hard you have worked to get there. In my expirience if you are not getting paid what you are worth you will burn out. Choose to become more knowledgeable in all things. Learn more skill sets. Choose to take a small leap of faith everyday. Give yourself credit that when you leap you will swim. Learning and moving forward is a high and can be done without pushing yourself to point of breaking.

Stay grounded and don’t loose sight of yourself while growing. Inspire others. Remember to stay present with friends family and even clients. Set boundaries for yourself with work and client  to create balance so you don’t burn out. Thats my pep speech for the day hope you enjoyed it! remember to subscribe to my youtube channel for weekly Tuesday tips! Or share this post with a friend. Here are some more examples of “bronde” transformations I did this week at the DKW Styling salon in Laguna Beach CA.

IMG_4285 IMG_4347 IMG_4332 IMG_4275 IMG_4247

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