Recently NordicTrack gave me the X15i  at home incline trainer treadmill to try out.  I have had many at home treadmills and not only is this one great on an incline it is amazing for running. It feels softer on my knees when I run. I also love all the features such as blue tooth and the screen on the front where you can choose your workout and it takes you through a guided tour. When I first started running it was hard to be on a treadmill for very long because I would get bored, this one helps to keep your attention span and has many great apps and work out to choose from. I recently had Jessica come to my home and help me to incorporate the incline options of this machine into our workout here is what we did…

Circuit 1 — Tushy Toner
Hike on moderate incline and speed to warm-up (5 min)
1. Level 12 incline (hard) standing tall with booty squeezed, hike for 5 min
2. Lower incline to about a 5 and sloooow it down for deep walking lunges — 3 min
3. Level 15–hike 5 min standing tall and squeezing booty
4. Drop to Level 10 and take it sideways to a lateral squat walk–keeping chest up and glutes tweezed — 1 min on each side
5. Walking lunges at level five. Great form is necessary, lower speed to achieve that. — 3 min.
5 hike level 15 for five more min *keep a quick tempo for the hikes
Under thirty minutes you’ll have a tighter, lifted booty and legs

For the last 10 years the one thing I have been consistent within my workout is running. People ask me all the time how do I take the time to stay fit? I am a busy mom business owner and entrepreneur and I need quick effective workouts. I live right off PCH in orange county so a quick jog to the beach is something I do on a regular basis for a warm up. Sometimes with young kids this is not an option to leave the house and this is where the at home workout gives me no excuses. I get in at least 4 workouts every week. Most of them are 30-45 minutes max. On days that I work at the salon I like to even get in 15-20 minutes because I feel this wakes up my brain and I can work better. Changing it up is also important this is why I have my personal trainer Jessica @tight_and_tone_now come to my home once a week for strength training. I am petite but build muscle fast. So we don’t use a lot of weights but body weight and bands instead. Everybody is different and this is what I prefer for my body type.

The most important thing is to be consistent while changing it up. Everyone can make at least 20 minutes 3-4 days a week for themselves. I would challenge everyone to try something different this week and see how you feel, you might just have more energy, be a better mom or perform better at work. Woking out is such a high and seems strange to not add it to your lifestyle. Have a safe and fabulous fourth and stay active!

Incline triner/ NordicTrack X5i incline Trainer Treadmill #SponsoredbyNordicTrack
Top/ Lulu lemon
Shorts/ Lulu Lemon
Shoes/ Nike

Photos by: Gabi Wells