My Top 5 Blow Dry Secrets…

The number 1 thing you can do to keep your hair from breaking and in good shape is learning how to dry your hair. Sounds simple, right? Most people think if they use just the right product this will save their hair.   Today on the show Valerie and I will share our favorite tools and tricks.

#1 How many times per week should you Wash and Dry?
2-3 times. It is a myth that washing your hair only once a week is better on your own hair. Wash your hair ladies… to much product build up can actually be harmfull on your hair.

#2 Air dry those locks
So you like big hair?? No problem. Try adding your favorite volumizer to dry hair then add a little heat to activate styling product. If your hair is naturally curly or fuzzy, try smoothing just the bang area and give the rest of your hair a break.

#3 If you must rough dry
If you don’t know what a rough dry is this may sound aggressive. All this means is after you comb out and add your favorite light weight leave in spray instead of using a round brush or any brush simply use your fingers to comb through the hair while drying. This will cause less pulling on the hair. Hair is more likely to break when wet because of the elasticity in hair.

#4 just dry your crown
I have baby fine hair and I work out 4-5 times per week. If I don’t wash my bang area and crown every other day my hair tends to look greasy and flat. This leads to me to add more product and more heat to my hair, which then will cuase it to break. washing and drying just the crown area also helps to speed up dry time since I wear NBR hair extensions.

#5 Smooth those ends.
After air dry or rough dry, take your giant round brush ( as seen in the video) and smooth your ends. This will give you an overall healthier finish without pulling on the hair too much or adding to much heat. This also makes a huge difference if you are experiencing light tangles in extensions.

My recommended Dryer and 2  3/4″  Round Brush                   Valerie’s Recommended Dryer and 3 1/4 ”  Round Brush

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Photos by: Gabi Wells