How To Protect Your Hair from Heat & Breakage!!!





Tuesday Tips

Dont miss todays video, we are taking about

1.  Do’s and Don’t how to keep your hair from breaking. ( dont bake product into your hair)

2. Our 5 minutes beauty rountine in the moring and our must have makeup pruducts.

3. Keys to being sucessfull with Hair Extensions:

The mind set with learning Hair Extensions
Are Extensions a system or creative work?
Repetiton in key.
Learn to problem Solve.
Have realistic Expectations.
Be able to relate to your clients.

Our Must Have Beauty Products:

Vals: Lip Plumber Mac Fullfilled
Regenerating Face Oil (similar HERE) Teath Whitener ( you can get this product from your dentist)

My Favs: Lancome Concealer, Lancome Mascara, Tinted Moisturizer Clarins, Eye Brow Pencil Chanel



Be sure to check out last weeks post on the dress I have on in the video! The Sandals I have on are by Isabell Marant also seen with this look from today post!

This weeks Look:

Dress/ tularosa
Sandal/ Isabel Marant
Bag/ Chanel
Sunnies/ Chloe




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_MG_0108 _MG_0084