This video is hard for me to share, I get extremely vulnerable, and realize it’s never been about me. This is what drives me  and keeps me focused on what I should be doing.  We get caught up in the popularity of social media that sometimes we forget why we are doing it in the first place. I truly love hair  but more than anything sharing my knowledge with others is extremely rewarding and helps to improve my craft. I wanted to share this short video of how blessed I am feeling this Sunday. If you feel an impact by watching this I would encourage you to share it.


Where are you in life and business, what’s holding you back? Without a leap of faith, you will stay in your current reality. Often times I think we know what the next step is but we are  afraid to leap, in fear of failure or unfamiliarity. Every time I choose to leap I swim not sink, and I believe that most of us would do the same. So what’s your next step or leap?

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Happy Sunday Everyone!