Talking about the time I found a chicken nugget in my purse today on the show… Don’t miss the show every Tuesday where I share tips on lifestyle, hair, business, and fashion. This week I have Rachelle my sister who also does hair and just opened up a salon near London, and Valerie one of my trainers and stylists at DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach CA. I recently just purchased a new space in Laguna and DKW Salon is expanding!!! This episode we are shooting in the new space. I will have the salon and a new training space right off Pacific Coast Highway!

This Week our lifestyle tip is all about being prepared with snacks and food as a busy mom and entrepreneur on the go. (not chicken nuggets;) Our business tip is all about getting comfortable with taking photos of your work. If you love what we are wearing I have links below you can shop each item. Rachelle’s dress ( from my closet or ASOS) is currently sold out so I linked other off the shoulder dresses I love.

Our hair tip is why we love NBR! The photos below are some of my recent work. Not only is NBR great for fine hair textures but it also blends well with thick hair with minimal areas attached. This creates less damage. this also helps to hide better and pull up your hair. I created NBR what works on my hair and found that they also works well on many hair textures. to learn more about NBR CLICK HERE or sign up for one of my education options in laguna Beach CA, CLICK HERE

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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