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Typically with hair color every season we want a fresh change and a little bit of an update. In the past I have noticed clients as well as myself typically want to go darker in the fall and lighter in the spring and summer. Now I’m finding that that rule no longer applies. Some of the summer hair color trends that I’m absolutely loving is Bronde hair. ( not brown not blonde) for most of my life I have considered myself a blonde it wasn’t until recently that I have decided to go closer to my natural color. I’m finding with hair extensions that this just tends to look a little more natural especially if you’re real hair is not that long. My natural hair is a little bit past my shoulders and always seems to get stuck at this point. One of my favorite things about bronde hair is it tends to look good on most people skin tone.

This last year I have tried to be more gentle with my hair. My hair seems to be in much better shape avoiding putting Bleach/lightener on it. I used to do highlights every six weeks and transitioned to only doing highlights every six months. This doesn’t mean I don’t put color on my hair every six weeks, I just avoid putting bleach on it every six weeks.

One of the things I started doing was weaving out pieces of hair and then placing them in foils with conditioner, and then the hair left out I do a base color and run a semi permanent over my ends. This way I’m not putting any lightner on and I still get soft dimetion.

Another thing I noticed a huge difference in was having a water softener. We moved last June and since moving into a new house with the water softer I have noticed a big change with the texture of my hair. When you don’t have a lot of hair to start with and you wear hair extensions it’s important to do every little thing to make sure your hair stays in better health. I Always tell my clients it’s not just a vitamin it’s a combination between good vitamins, good hair products, how you style it, how you do your hair color, and how often your coloring it.

Another things I notice with my hair is the old rule of washing it every for five days actually can cause your hair more harm than good. with all the dry texture spray’s and dry shampoos and other products on the market place I noticed with my hair if I get too much build up and then go to curl or even brush my hair out with too much product in it it feels dry and tends to break.

I typically try to wash the top of my hair at least every other day I’ve also noticed this helps creating softer smoother hair with less breakage. Hair extensions can handle more product therefore I only watch my extensions once or twice a week.

Hope all these hair tips helped! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for new videos every Tuesday (Tuesday tips)

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Floral dress/ Rebecca Taylor
Stripe Dress/ Asos
Lace up wedge/ Soludos, flats version here
Sandal/ Stuart Weitzman
Bag/ Chloe

Photos by: Gabi Wells