Can you pull your hair back or swim with extensions? Do they hide and still look natural? I have tried every and anything on my fine baby strands to figure out not only what looks good in a before and after, but how natural dowes it look with an active lifestyle. Can I swim or workout? When the wind blows can you see them?

With others I had tried, my sister who does hair was always the most honest with me… One day I remember sitting at lunch with her and I had rows in the back and single strands in the front and she said, “I can’t handle it anymore your look like you have a booger in your hair”. She was of course referring to the glue in singles in the front of my hair. Or the time I tried the tape, and she was always adjusting my part to get the tab to hide. You see I have this on going mullet since I was about 5 and I like hair in the front, so I place my extension high in the hair line. My hair also splits in the back, so that’s fun, I even have to be careful with where I place them in the back of my hair.

Over the years I created NBR based on what worked well with my own hair. I wanted something that looks natural, and could live an active lifestyle. I’m never shy to tell people I wear my own product, however every time I tell people they are shocked at how well they blend. It’s even got to the point where my cute husband can point out others extensions and assures me mine look very natural ( kids and husbands can also be the first to tell you if something looks weird).

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All of my favorite topics! This zimmermann top I Am wearing is a favorite! I have worn it in 3 different posts( seen here). One thing we had to laugh about in this video is Valerie’s cute skirt that she has been wearing in the last 4 videos… You may have notice I change but she does not. You see when we film these I like to do one month of content them release every Tuesday, I failed to tell her to bring a change of clothes so by the end of the videos we had to laugh about it. I am however obsessed with her skirt and purchased a similar one. Links to what Val and I are wearing below


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My Top/ Zimmermann, another favorite piece HERE
Vals Skirt/ SOLD out similar one HERE or love this one HERE