This week my  Tuesday tip is how I take photos for social media and what apps I’m loving.  I use a professional camera as well as my iPhone. The first set of photos were taken with my Diva Ring light and cell phone using apps snapsead to brighten up the background. to smooth skin or remove objects I use Facetune. To create my collage I use Picframe. The second photos I took out side in natural lighting  and used my cannon Rebel. The lens it what creates to fuzzy background wich is a 50mm lens.

This camera also does videos, but I would recommend using a mic for video so the sound quality is better. I do zero editing when I use my nice camera however, I have found a  spot for good lighting outside my salon. I seriously take 10 photos sometimes to get the one I want. You have to choose to be committed to getting the shot sometimes. Sometimes you hit a home run with the first shot. Some hair just photos better.

Personally,  I think  for social media you can get away with a cell phone shot but if you notice in the picture when they are blown up larger, the cell phone photo is just not as crisp. If you choose to up your game and use a nice camera you will start to notice a difference. The cannon rebel is a great starter camera. I taught myself how to adjust settings and use it by working with other photographers, and watching others helpful youtube videos. But still sometimes I’m in a hurry and it just seems easier to take the shot from your cell because you don’t have to upload to photos to post. They also now make Bluetooth camera cards that can help!

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Camera/ Cannon
Lense/ 50 mm
Blue tooth memory chip
Diva Ring Light

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