30% OFF Natural Beaded Rows Online Training?

Memorial Day Sale

Starting May 29th I am going to allow 20 new students to access my updated Comprehensive Natural Beaded Rows Online Training for a massive 30% discount

This offer is only valid for the first 20 stylists and ends May 31st at 9pm PST.


YES! As part of this amazing opportunity, I am also going to include a FREE 1 Month access to Daily Coaching and Guidance from me and my teams.


With this offer, I am including guided live daily coaching free for 30 days to help you get through the online course with ease!
You will also receive a kit (kits will be mailed out June 6-10th, hair not included). After you complete purchase you will get instant access to the online course which you can review as many times as you need.  If you choose to up-grade and become certified in NBR, you have up to one year from the date you purchased to upgrade to one of my classes in laguna beach CA. At this time, you pay the difference of whatever the current class rate is. This way you can get started and are a pro when you come down!  I currently have one spot left in my advanced NBR class  June 16-17, for more information on this CLICK HERE

To Secure Your Seat as one of the 20 email the following 2 items to


ITEM #1:  Updated Copy of your Cosmetology License

ITEM #2:  Copy of your Drivers License or Photo ID.

Regular Investment: $798

Sale Investment: $558 per stylist


Are You Ready to Learn Natural Beaded Rows From Home? Become an NBR specialist! (To become certified you must attend class or shadow)

The Art & Science of Coloring.

  • There is an Art and a Science to Coloring Hair. Here in this module I am going to guide you through the step by step process of Coloring how I think through soft seamless dimensional color.

The Positioning & Placement of Extensions.

  • In this section, you will learn how to position and place the Hair Extension Rows as well as the step by step of beading multiple extension colors together to blend with natural hair. This Module alone is worth the price of admission and will take you to an entirely new level of quality when it comes to doing Hair Extensions so that you become the ‘Go to” choice in your area.

The Blending Power of Cutting.

  • In this section we will tie it all together with the cutting process of making the Extension Hair Blend Naturally into the natural hair. Cutting is the final touch to completing your clients transformation and this module is the icing on the cake and will solidify your extensions.

The Removal & Up-Keep of Extensions.

  • In this section you will learn the fastest method for removing the Natural Beaded rows after they have been placed, allowing you to re-tighten on regular appointments with re-curing clients so that you can speed up the process allowing your clients to spend less time in the chair, experience less hair damage.

The Case Studies.

  • There are before and after photos with different scenarios for each hair texture and length, with details on exactly how much hair and how to place.

The Tips, Tricks & Supplies & pricing

  • So what are the Tips and Tricks of Natural Beaded Rows? In this section, I will walk you through the TOP Tips and Tricks that allow me to create the results with my clients that has them come back over and over and over again.

Where do you get more supplies?

  • No stress. In this section, I will walk you through where to get all the supplies you need from beads to hair to color and so much more. You will never be stressed or concerned again about how to get what you need when you need it.