If you are just stopping by my blog for the first time allow me to share a little bit about what my blog is about. I have been doing hair for over 13 years  and have specialised in hair extensions my whole career. I have fine hair that doesn’t grow much past my shoulders and my sides don’t grow well.  I refer to it as my ongoing mullet. Because my only choice for long hair was a wig… or find out a solution for less damaging more natural looking extensions, this led me to create my own method.


5 years ago I took everything I had learned and decided to create a brand for myself. I also started to market an extension method I had created off of my own personal struggles with my hair and called this Natural Beaded Rows, which is now trademarked and I have over 350 stylist in the last 3 years that have trained with me personally and online. I also love to follow other fashion and lifestyle blogs so I began to do a little bit myself. What makes my extensions different?? I wear them myself. It is the best way to relate and gain experience to provide the best quality experience for my clients. I didn’t know how far this method would grow, but after a hard training  week of this week where I had 4 stylist fly in for my shadowing program and more than half my clients also travel in, it hit me this week…


holy shit this is good stuff.


I truly love teaching and believe it has made me better at doing hair. I love sharing my skill sets in which others if they choose to use they will make direct money doing so. I also love the dramatic transformation is creates for my clients. For some clients NBR extensions are life changing, and I love seeing the energy in them shift as they leave my salon.  If you are interested in learning more click HERE to watch a short video series where I share more of my journey and story


All of these photos in this post was from my personal work at my salon in Laguna Beach CA


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