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Tomorrow we head to Hawaii for spring break with my family, this week was my girls school spring break, and living in Laguna Beach feels like vacation 27/7. I have only lived down here for a year and one thing I love about Laguna is that I find something new every week! There are some parts of Laguna that feel almost like Hawaii at times even though the water is only sort of warm in the summer. This lighthouse is a hidden gem located at Victoria Beach. It is kinda hidden and you need to enter through a neighborhood. The tide is high right now so in order to reach the lighthouse you have to climb over some rock. (this is my hiking dress ha ha). I love the back of this dress and how colorful is is. It is a perfect beach dress and I will definitely be taking this on my vacation.

My sister Rachelle who lives in London and also does hair has finally decided to start a hair and fashion blog! She will be opening RStyling Salon specializing in Natural Beaded Row Hair extensions next month near London. She will be meeting me in Hawaii tomorrow with her cute girls that are close to my girls ages.  Be sure to follow our trip on Instagram, and I am going to attempt to start using snapchat!

Keeping it brief lots of packing to do! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and thanks for stopping by.


Dress/ Mara Hoffmann


Photos: Gabi Wells