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One of the things I love about living in Orange county is the sunsets. I’m obsessed with the color and movement of this dress, and these Stuart Weitzman lace up sandals are a must have for the season. I am going to Hawaii in a couple weeks and have been on a hunt for some great maxi dresses. This is a great piece and I linked a similar one on SALE below.

Ever since the holidays, I keep thinking things will slow down but they continue to speed up in a good way. I am incorporating more hair extension and color classes at my salon each month. I have also opened a business training for stylist with my husband Garett who created a company called Wake up Warrior. I am currently only working behind the chair 2.5 days and have 2 other stylists that also specialize in NBR and color in Laguna Beach CA. To view more of my work follow @dkwstyling on Instagram or to make an appointment at DKW Styling Salon for color or NBR Extensions (Text Only) 949-656-6871. We are currently accepting new clients

Photos by: Taylor Cole

What I Wore:

Sandal/ Stuart Weitzman