Lots of hair tips this week! I had been a little behind on posting my work so I decided to do a tip each night this week. Tomorrow I will be posting fashion. I usually only promote my hair color and extensions, but one thing you might not know about me is that I wore a bob almost my whole life, and when I first starting doing hair I did a ton of short cuts! This last week I had 2 clients take out the hair extensions and go for a messy bob. Do we still call them bobs? ha ha… I forgot how much I enjoy cutting hair. Cutting hair is also a key part of making extensions not only look more natural but move like real hair. In the past I was always a little scared to cut into extension hair because the client just paid for all this new hair, and because if you cut to much out it doesn’t blend. When placing extensions for each client you have to visualize how much hair you need to cut out or texture in order to know how much hair to put in.

With extensions I tell others I train, don’t be stingy with your hair. Meaning you have to put enough in so when you start to cut, or create your shape in the hair it still looks full through the ends. I also noticed if I put too much hair on each row or didn’t cut into it enough it would get tangled. If you ever experience tangles it could be the quality of hair you are using or you may need to cut into it more. One of the things I communicate  with NEW clients  that wear extensions, is that you have to give the hair 2 week and let the hair expand. The texture will slowly change creating a more natural appearance. Sometimes if you add too much hair or don’t cut into enough, when the hair expands this is when clients will experience tangling. When I first started doing single strand extensions, one of the problems I faced was I felt like I couldn’t cut enough layers in the extensions, or it would look to thin on the ends, and I ran out of head space to attach more giving me the fullness I wanted in order to create the shape. If you are wearing rows NBR or other rows, they should not lay like sheets of hair, they should move and flow with the natural movement of the hair.  Placement with also help with the movement.


All of these clients were color and cut by m,e, the last 2 photos in this post were color and short cut, I was really excited to see how cute they both turned out, I dont have a map of how I cut into the hair. I viualize the shape and create. I also do this with my extensions. A tip on cutting extensions is always layer first then cut the length last. This will help the client see the shape and you can both decide on a lenght best for them. This also takes the presure off the clients when cutting their brand new expensive hair;)


Happy Texturizing Everyone!

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