Hey lovelies as promised I am sharing a hair tip on the blog every night this week! What is hot in hair color right now? Rotty blondes. This doest mean you just paint a base color down a few inches and call it good. It should be soft dimensional and seamless. I love looking at colors and not know exactly how it was created. This is what I refer to as hair art. In this post I’m going to sharing some game changing secrets.

If you have gray, you have to do a base color to completely cover. If you are a natural dark brown and want that rooty blonde look you have to lift your base so that it blends better. Have you ever had a base color done and felt red? This is because any time you lift hair it goes red, orange, yellow, white. You must lift and then deposit to desired tone.

To create a lighter more beige tone on clients with a natural darker base. I start with baby fine highlight. If you want the make their base appear less warm place highlights all the way at the roots. I then Paint a base of a level 7 between foils. after I have foiled everything I then randomly pick up pieces between the foils and deposit color with a level 7 Redken shades semi.This will give them soft contrast and tone the over all color of thier hair with out hem feeling muted or dull. This will also make blondes appear cooler and less brassy or yellow. Last I pick op random pieces around the face and paint the ends with bleach 20 volume and place inside a foil. This gives it that pop, without over processing. Now the magic happens at the shampoo bowl and this is a game changer. Rinse, then have your client sit up and on wet hair paint the same Redken semi-formula once inch down all over. Leave 2-3 minutes. This will cover just enough to soften any lines but not completely cover, giving it that soft rooted look. On a side not I don’t tone any of my blondes. I’m not big on ashy or muted tones and prefer beige or buttery blondes. They are softer better on the skin tone and overall timeless.

I absolutely love color, and believe this is also an important key to blending hair extensions. In all of my NBR extension classes I teach how I think through color. I am finally offering a 2 day boot camp with my husband Garrett, who runs a program called Wake up Warrior. Our event in may is sold out. June we have a couple spots left. For more information on NBR meets business and branding CLICK HERE. For a list of class dates CLICK HERE

Happy painting everyone!




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