How do you get certified to offer NBR?? I truly love teaching it is both rewarding and inspiring to work with others. It is one to thing to be a great stylist, but it is a whole other ball game to become a good teacher and educator. One of the quickest ways to learn is through teaching. You become better at your craft when you have to teach it because it forces you to communicate what you are doing and why. Teaching is also about balancing energy within the room and making sure your class/audience is both comprehending it and feeling inspired. I feel I have created a solution for hair extensions and love sharing my deloped craft with others.

Not only do I love making women feel beautiful, but I love that I can help others develop the same skill sets and make great money. I always tell my stylist figure out of to work smarter not harder or you will burn out behind the chair. NBR has created so many opportunities in my life and I believe it has done the same for others.

To become certified you must train with me in person. I do not travel to teach right now but offer group classes with only 10 selected stylists to come to my events in Laguna Beach CA. Not only do I have personal phone consultations with every client that sits in my chair but I only have personal calls with everyone who attends my classes to make sure NBR is a great fit. My next class in May is sold out! I have 2 spots left for my 2 day NBR/ Business training in June. (email me for details) this is a 2,000 class. I’m taking the summer off and will have more class dates listed in September.

Here is what a few stylists are saying about NBR…

I loved the class. It was a great group of professionals learning from Danielle who is as warm, patient and kind as she is talented. She is as beautiful in person as in the pictures she posts. Danielle is and has been a professional stylist so when it comes to a classroom experience designed for the professional stylist she knows exactly what you want because she knows what she would want to see and what information would be valuable to her. The class size is small so you get enough one on one attention and really connect with Danielle, her staff and other attendees. I would highly recommend Danielle and her education to anyone.

Salon name: Hair Extensions by Christopher Devin
Website: www.hairextensionsbychristopherdevin.com
IG: hairextensionschristopherdevin

Thank you so much for the class this weekend! Even though I have already been doing NBR for a year it was well worth it to come to Cali! Not only did I learn more techniques I almost met so many great people! I’ve been back at work one day and I’ve already started using some of the coloring tips you showed us. You have a great team and a beautiful salon, May can’t come soon enough!

Anianne Rivera

Salon Lofts
15868 Fountain Plaza Dr
Ellisville MO 63017

IG – @hairbyanianne
Website www.anianne.com

Thank you for an incredible experience this weekend! I had so much fun working with you and your team. I am so excited to start using the method with my clients. I look forward to working with you again, hopefully when you start the educator section.

Sixx Two Eight Salon & Style Bar
339 Healdsburg Ave
Healdsburg, Ca 95448

IG: Sixx_two_eight

All I have to say my experience overall was awesome. I liked the small class. I loved how you through in color with your extension class and showed us how you color the extensions. It’s definitely more creative. I also loved how you talked about business and social media and how this can bring in more revenue. It was also great having your husband come and talk about business as well. I also liked your down to earth personality definitely easy to talk to. Overall it was a great experience thank you! Definitely an eye opener and you gave me inspiration. Marisela Garza

Shear Love Studio
665 W. LBJ Fwy suite 120 Irving, Tx 75050.

I truly enjoyed the NBR class yesterday. It was both educating and inspiring. Your team as well as your salon was exceptional. It’s always enlightening after you’ve experienced a class that incorporates both the creative content as well as the business sector. I left this class feeling inspired to lead not to save! Thanks again for such a fulfilling day!

Lowell Elg
Dishwater Blonde
Located in Palm Desert, CA
IG: dishwaterblondesalon

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Natural Beaded Rows and NBR is now officially TRADEMARKED!!!
This is so exciting, I finally feel official. I joke around with others that this is just my hobby because I love what I do, but somewhere along the line I realized that I truly believe that NBR will become a household name with hair extensions. I also offer an online course. You can purchase just the online course but are considered a specialist. To become certified you must train with me directly. I will eventually open a trainers course so that those interested in teaching NBR can learn how to teach. I’m still working on a NBR certified list!!! So if you are a potential client wanting NBR and traveling to Laguna Beach is not an option stay tuned to my blog. I am always excepting new clients with me or one of my team members so if you are interested in pricing or making an appointment click HERE!

Models from the Class

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