Every day this week I will be sharing a quick hair tip on the blog. Today I am taking about fine hair textures and extensions. I have fine hair myself and have never been able to grow it much past my shoulders and have it look great. I always wore a bob growing up and was envious of girls with amazing hair. As soon as I got into hair school I Knew I wanted to learn about extensions. The only problem is they didn’t offer hair extensions educations while in school. During school, I began to research what would be best for my hair. Protein bonds ( glue in single strand ) were big then so those were the first among many glue in single stands extensions I began to experiment on in my own hair as well as clients hair. Throughout the years, I learned every anything trending in the hair extension game to find out what would work best for my hair. I came to realize the perfect extensions did not exist, so I began to experiment with different things I had learned along the way. The last 5 years I started teaching what I had learned. I now have NBR and Natural Beaded Rows trademarked and have over 350 stylist worldwide in my program.

What makes NBR great for fine hair textures is that it is attached to less areas creating LESS damage. If the beads are done with correct tensions you have little pull on the natural hair. You can see a sneak peak in these first set of photos what it looks like under the hair. The stitching must be clean and the ends (anchor beads) must NOT be too heavy or pull too tight, they must lay comfortable and flat to the scalp. You can put NBR high in the hairline if the tension and weight of the hair is correct.

The 2nd set of photos is from a new client who had been wearing singles beaded strands on and off for the last 10 years or so. You can see the first photo is with 50 or so strands, the sencond is with them out. I choose to cover her roots with a 6-00 and 6-5 schwarzkoph ( medium brown ) this would give the illusion of thicker hair. I also evened out her color and added more blonde to the bottom of her hair. We then placed 2 rows of NBR in. Each row of NBR has about 12-16 beads per row depending on the size of the clients head.

The last set of photos in this post was from a client wearing a popular glue in strands of extensions which are my least favorite of them all and the hardest to get out. She had very little hair so I didn’t want to add too much weight back in. I decided to give her 1.5 rows with about 20 beads total in her hair. I am hoping this will allow her hair to recover a bit. One thing I realized over the years of wearing extensions myself, is the better shape the natural hair is in, the more natural the extensions will look. If clients are looking to get thier hair in better shape but don’t want to completely remove their extensions because of years of damage, I recommend less hair or one row the same length as their hair just to fill it in. In order to tget the fullness I do with NBR I stack and stagger multiple pieces or hand tied hair.

Satyed tuned tomorrow for my hair tip of the week of some great colors cuts and hair products I am loving!

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