Valentines Day is coming up, and these statement shoes would be perfect for that day! And a great price too! My husband Garrett owns and runs a business called Wake up Warrior. He teaches men around the world to have it all… What does this mean exactly? To me it means creating balance in all areas while continuing to grow and progress. One of the things he promotes is date your wife. We make it a priority to get a babysitter at least once a week and go out. With as busy as life can be with young kids this is a must! This has been an amazing reconnecting point for us each week. It is crazy how quickly you can feel like roommates, and all good things take consistent times and effort even relationships.

I was giving him a hard time a couple weeks back how I always have to plan every date night and every trip we go on. I’m not the best planner and actually hate researching. I’m also a bit of a control person and want to know all the details before I commit to anything. However, I love surprises.. Ha Ha my poor husband. So after giving him crap and hinting places I want to go and things I would like to do, he came to me the next week and said have your bikini and passport ready for Valentines weekend we are going somewhere. I immediately started to panic, and said as long as it’s 5 star babe I’m in! He laughed and said I got a really good price on Best Western in Alabama we just need out passports because we will be going through Canada first. I gave him my usual smirk and said perfect I’ll wear my favorite lingerie, The baggy victoria secret sweats I wore when I was pregnant with both babies. I know those are you favorite. So I’m thinking we are going to Mexico for the weekend, I guess we will find out next week!

Today is my cute 9 year olds birthday, its crazy I have a 9 year old, life goes so quick and I have loved creating balance in my own life while building my business and still spending time with my babies. My birthday girl has the flu today, poor thing. Usually it is a tradition to go to disneyLAND for her birthday, but seeing how she is still recovering from being sick we have decided to pack a lunch and head to the beach. We live within walking distance of the beach, wich I’m not going to lie, at least 2-3 times a week I have to pinch myself that this is the reality we have created for our family through hard work and consistency. If you are interested in finding our more of what I do click HERE.

#TGIF everyone!

Top/ Cupcakes & Cashmere on sale
Denim/ Old Zara, but love THESE ones even more!( simialr here )
Blazer/ theory
Sandals/ Steve Madden
Bag/ Channel,save version HERE
Sunnies/ Marc Jacobs, similar HERE