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Finally back from Cabo, we had an amazing time and some much needed relaxing. I will be sharing more from that trip this weekend. Yesterday I did my first webinar! It was a lot of fun. We had over 300 register but only 100 were able to join it live. I’ll will be sending out a replay for those who missed it. It was on the 6 simple steps to six figures or more as a stylist. My story of how to work smarter not harder. I remember when I first started my career in Las Vegas Nevada, I was able to build my clientele quickly and was making 6 figures. This was 10+ years ago, and at the time felt like this was great money! However I began to go through what I call the “burn out phase”. Everyone may go through this no matter what your career is. This is when doing what you love suddenly becomes a chore and is no longer enjoyable. I was was over booking 5-6 days a week working til 8 or 9 at night some days. I took a small break to start my family. When I went back to work this is when I discovered my niche. I decided this was my shot to start fresh so that I don’t feel over worked, and overwhelmed.

If discovering your niche is something that you are interested in join my NBR group class in Laguna Beach March 20th ( only a few spots left) CLICK HERE to sign up. For the first time I will also be offering a 2 day group class. The first day is on NBR and the second is business training with my mentor and husband Garrett White. We have already sold out the first event, but will be opening up a second event. If you were on the webinar yesterday CLICK HERE TO APPLY. For more information or if you are interested in getting access to a replay video email danielle@hairextensionsecret.com (subject: WEBINAR ACESS)


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