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I started my blog over 4 years ago as a tool to help share my passion for hair. When I started I had no idea what a blog was. I just thought if I built a website that had some general information that people would just buy. The problem is no one cares… This was the harsh reality that just because you have a website or blog does not mean you are doing the work. I think we, myself included get confused with putting in your time, and actually doing the work. You can not sit and wait for clients to come to you. This is not hard work and is merely putting in your time.

My first job I found an up scale salon I wanted to work in. I sent in my resume, no response. I began to call until I was able to talk to the salon manager, she said sorry I saw your resume but we are not hiring right out of beauty school, but we may have an assisting program for you. Some how I talked her into letting me have a tryout. In the try out I would have a client who I did a color and cut on. If she liked how I interacted with this client and the end result, would she consider hiring me commission? She agreed. Long story short, she liked my work ( on a side note my model was a friend that had great hair and I knew I could hit a home run with her hair). This was the first and last commission job I ever had. I remember I got my first check, and I thought this sucks! This is when I realized I was simply just putting in my time. I then began to do the math and thought… if I were to rent a chair I could go and come as I please. I would only need 2 clients per week to make what I was working full time, and only be there a fraction of the time. I thought 2 clients a week that sounds easy. So I began the hustle. Every friend and family member got a discount so that I could get some work behind the chair. I needed some work so that I could get referrals (back then there was no social media;). I was able to build quickly and hit my goal of 2 or more clients a week, this gave me confidence. Sales is a mind set. If you believe in your product it is effortless to sell.

I had been doing hair is Las Vegas Nevada, and decided I was getting burnt out of being behind the chair 6 days a week, and hair no longer was as fun, so I decided I wanted to start my family. I had my first baby, and after about a 7 month break I decided I should start back up doing hair. I did hair 1-2 days per week and at this time would consider myself a hobby hair stylist. Baby #2 came. I took off about 4 months this time. After baby #2 I was in a place that I needed to financially help my family and decided to turn my hobby into an actual business. This was right around the time social media for me could begin to be used as a marketing tool. I also knew that if I was going to take time away from my babies it better be worth it. I never wanted to go back to hair 6 days a week, but I wanted my 2-3 days to be more effective. This is where I decided to take what I was naturally selling and turn it into a brand. I created the clarity behind the extensions that I had been doing for almost a decade. This was Natural Beaded Rows.

I had no desire to work in LA or New York, but could see a window opening up for many using social media. I knew if I had a niche and began to share this with others in time I could build momentum. I wanted to charge like I worked in a big city. I began to test this theory in a small town called Gilbert Arizona. I thought I wonder what would happen if I could get clients to travel to me? If they were not from here they would have no point of reference what prices should or should not be. They would simply be going of my online presentation. So I decided to own it. I still remember talking on the phone to out of state clients and saying… yes my studio is just past the cattle ranch, you might lose service on your GPS but just keep going, you will find it. They would get to my studio and say wow this is really far out. I said yes its perfect for me I have to small children and it close to my house. They didn’t seem to care. They had already stalked my work for the last 3-6 months and were excited to have their hair done. We only lived in this small city for 2 years. I saw the possibilities of creating your own price point and path.

4 years into my blog and business, no longer a hobby hair stylist but working the same amount of hours has created balance for me. I love my career and I love my kids. NBR has been an amzing tool for me to work smarter not harder. I also love color and cutting and believe this is part of the reason my extensions look more natural. I also wear these extensions in my hair, so I have been able to problem solve and create the best possible solution for my clients and myself as the stylist.



“Six-Simple-Steps to Six Figures”

…While Only Working 2-3 Days a week behind the chair.


Dear Stylist,

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Danielle K White
Founder, DKW Styling
Creator Natural Beaded Rows